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How do I get "invited" to some of the groups that are trying to recruit me? I currently have invites in my box from "The Devastation Of Divorce" (I'm gay - never been married) and "Widows and Widowers" (never lost a partner by death.) Are they sending these invitations out to everyone and their brother? It would seem so. Sorta spammy, if you ask me.

What are some groups to which you've been invited that make no sense?

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Acapulco mountain diving group.

Drinking coffee in a rocking chair on porch group.
( I drink beer In the AC room.)
Dang Wylde, with your sense of humor I would think you could have fun with those discussions. You could explain how gay divorces are more devastating than straight divorces. As for the other one I wouldn't know which one is which in a gay marriage.

Hey you can come over to "When I grow up" discussion and maybe sing along with Shirley Temple.

Weird group invites? Nope, can't think of any. If I do, I'll send them to you. Okay?
Dear Wylde, I have received many group invites and poor you I have also sent them! When I see a group that I think is simply wonderful I try to help the one who created the group by sending the request to my friends...So that would include you! However, I don't think that it always applies to all people and for your irritation I apologize. I should just go through my friends one by one. What else do I have to do anyway, I know...

Thank you for bringing it to our attention, I know I haven't been your only culprit here because I don't know about a group that you mentioned, so I am off the hook for that one. Mine are for the most part Native American invites and writing groups. I did try your and Steve's group though, just because you are a friend!! Smile, it's all good, even spammers have hearts! LoL
They're just looking ahead Wylde when gay rights are approved nationwide. Don't throw the invitations away.




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