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In Middle Tennessee we have had between 10 and 14 inches of rain in the last two days. This is the most rain to fall in that period since records have been kept. Even houses (actually a portable classroom from a nearby school) are floating down I24. This was last night, it is worse today.


Excuse the bad commercial for 15 seconds at the beginning.

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Sorry to hear about this pickleallen. I've been lurking for some time on this and other threads, but haven't felt the need to comment.

We've had the opposite in the UK. April has been the driest month since records began - gone are the April showers of yesteryear.
*Hey, Fred.*

Glad to hear that it's no longer rising, Pickle.
I seldom look in here Ms Farquar primarily because the type face is too small.
Hi Fred. It gets smaller every year.
I've been following the flooding in your neck of the woods, Pickleallen, and I'm glad to see that the river is now receding. Thank you for this thread so we could all know you're all doing OK...
Pickle, d's girl - Hang In There. We have family in that general area, and we're paying attention to the news.
At least we were not totally forgotten
Wow! That really makes an impact. Lets you know that humanities survival on this planet is a combination of common sense and good luck. I often suspect more "Luck" than common sense.




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