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Would you permit your unmarried child and their S/O to share a bed in your home? Are their age limits you have in mind? What if they were gay?

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No children here but I will say that I agree with a couple of others here. #1- If I'm not getting some in my own home neither is anybody else. #2- I believe I would have raised a child or children to use discretion ( sneaky also comes to mind), and that would be okay. I can remember being walked in on by a partners mother(obviously years ago LOL), I can tell you this: it is very surprising to an unaware parent. Seems it can be a bit more surprising when it's people of the same sex.
That's funny. I remember having impromptu coffee with my friend in bed. I had been dressing, so I wore no top. We just sat on the bed and conversed, when, his mother walked in. I think thats when it really hit her that he was gay.
I wonder how could he sip coffee instead of something so much better when you were topless
My youngest, the Brad Pitt type looking one, when he was 14 used to sleep on the couch in the family room a lot. There was a sliding glass door that went into the unfenced back yard. We found out why he wanted to sleep there one day when a big tough looking guy rode up on his motorcycle and wanted to know if I knew that his daughter, who lived just down the street with her mother, had been sneeking into our house at night. Seems her mother caught her coming in early one morning and had admitted that she had been in our family room with our son. The Hell's Angel type father had been called by the mother and rode his Harley to VA from NJ to confront us. Fortunately, probably for me, we were able to sort it out without bloodshed. Now the son is 36 and when I visit him and his unmarried SO, they let me sleep on their couch. The SO is not the same girl. I wonder what they would do if I brought my girl friend with me?
Bring your GF. Where in NJ are you from?
Jackie, I'm not. I was in Virginia. Although I have sent quite a bit of time around the Ft. Monmouth, Asbury Park area.
In my misspent youth I knew how to be a little discreet. It didn't stop the sex in the house, but it stopped uncomfortable answers to questions. Besides, we had a pool and a pool house, could always meet out there if the need arose ('cept in Michigan it is cold 9 months of the year...). So, my kids are little still, but trying to anticipate the future.
I know that sometimes a bunch of them get together and rent a cheep hotel room. There are drugs and alcohol and god knows (but I'lll bet you have an inclination) what else.

Sounds to me like you were miffed that you weren't invited.

You all want a sure-fire way to stop your mkids from having sex in your house? You have sex in your house. Loudly. And walk around the house half-naked.

Your kids will be out of your house before you can say "Pass the Condoms!"

I'll accept that premis.
You're right ! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN INVITED!!!! Who'se going to keep their eye on the kiddies if Mother Sanity is NOT AROUND!
if one is single with an adult kid living in the house one has to set an example to the kid by not running around oneself and then expect same thing from that kid . If the single person has serious relationship and the kid doesnt then he or she can have sex outside somewhere may be back seat of the car or behind your back in the house ;-) which they will anyway !!!
if one is single with an adult kid living in the house one has to set an example to the kid by not running around oneself

Trust me on this. If kids see their parents naked, they will lose all interest in sex!




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