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I see that there is a New Transportation Bill being worked on in the House. I understand that the bill includes incentives for the building of priviatly owned toll roads. I find this interesting.

I am curious as to who would want privately owned toll roads.

Can anyone here explain why we would want such roads built?

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I am sure you know Robbie that the Republicans want to privatize everything. I am not suprised they came up with this.

I can imagine what they would call roads and how much they would charge.

Well, we currently have a 14 mile toll road from Leesburg, VA to Sterling , VA. That is 14 miles, costs $5 and they claim it has never be profitable. That's 35.71 cents a mile to drive it.  So, if you wanted to drive from Washington, DC to Florida on toll roads, it might cost you $350 in tolls. 

I made be wrong, but I believe the ones that we have now have not profited, so your guess is as good as mine.

I'm waiting for Tool's take on this before I comment further.  :-0

Tool's solution is ; local militias to maintain the roads and collect tolls. Let's see, where do we have a model for that plan? OH! I know. The Khyber Pass.

I agree with P.A. and will add this .......it just another way for the rich to get richer and cut down on the mobility of what's left of the middle class. We're less dangerous if we can't move around too much.

I would think Trump would be first in line to claim ownership of a hiway.

Maybe a new reality series......Toll Roads of the Rich and Famous.

Wait until the bridges start falling down on the Federal System Highways and you might ask what happened to the money to fix them?

I would say it was held up by the republicans in congress so they could give tax cuts to the rich. Fixing the all the things that needed to be fixed would cost trillions but the country managed to build a lot of them during the great depression so it can be done.

I bridge in Southwestern Kentucky that I crossed several times a year collasped last week (well a ship hit it).

But still it opened in 1933 so I think its time had come anyway. Just glad I wasn't on it.

Never mind...I first read this as "troll' roads...:->

But,but.......there simply aren't 'trolls' here........:-)

Trolls don't pay tolls, they charge them.


My state began having private turnpikes over a century ago.  The maintenance costs have always proven to be higher than any profits made.  Rather than bringing wealth to the already wealthy, it seems like this bill would simply prove to impede the poor (those paying the tolls).  Sounds like a power trip to me.




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