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Feel free to add to this list.

1. Drive a straight shift.
2. Fix a toilet.
3. Change the oil.
4. Change a diaper.
5. Cook....anything.
6. Dress properly for the occasion
7. Sew.... at least a button on.
8. laundry
9. Iron a shirt
10. Change a flat tire.
11. Build a fire.
12. Do the Foxtrot and Waltz.
13. Ride a horse.
14 Shoot a gun.
15. Fish
16. Hunt.
17. Clean and dress fish and game.
18. Plant and grow a garden.
19. Defend your wife and children.
20. Act alone.
21.Give orders.
22. Take orders.
23. Read a map.

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pay all the bills.
to clean a kitty litter box
Should not try to read my mind. I will give to him a piece of it anyway!!!
24.find a woman or women who can do all of the above. Except for 19 and 21.
You're beautiful, you're beautiful.
Cherry tree and don't lie about it.
Isn't that do it before you're told?
Number 22 covers that 1GL. One thing a woman should know: how to pay attention!
24.5. Know that a logical argument with a woman is futile.
know that broad generalizations make you an ass.
All in fun, Sara. Generalizations are everywhere in this thread.




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