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Women in combat.

And the issue is? Equality? Rights? Survival in close quarters combat? What is solved and what is gained in the use of women in the infantry, artillery, cavalry  armor and otherwise in close quarter's combat.

We are to find out as of 2016 at the latest.

Now, is the use of women fighting in combat unheard of and totally unusual, no, definitely no. As to women constituted as the tip of the spear in an organized military unit of a major army, no, definitely  no, up to now.

For those that have been in the military, an organized military, that have fought in combat, how do they feel about having a woman that got your six, much less attack the enemy with force and intimidation, surviving in difficult physical environment for long periods of time while on mission much less marching with necessary equipment, ammunition and necessities over difficult terrain, in all conditions.

Chances are, no, those won't be the conditions for those that will be on the line in otherwise male combat units. Conditions will be defined as to when, where and how women will be used in combat.

The reason for this is a matter of equality, equality of opportunity in a military organization what values and promotes those that have combat experience which women have not had the same access and promotion because of the prior prohibitions.

What we are dealing with ultimately, is a change in a social condition that means that in combat  males will continue to perform to attack the enemy and not see a need to protect their fellow female unit members in order to prevent harm, deprivation, danger or otherwise see a additional need to assist and defend a failing member of the unit.

Of course, fighting today is different than trench warfare of WWI or the force movements of WWII. In places like Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan it was the use and movements of small units that were the point of battle to find, fetter out and kill the enemy using advanced technology. However it still is the rifle, mortar, shell or bomb that have to be used to hurt and kill the enemy, and it has to be done, be it a male or be it a female doing it.

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Yes, we do !!!

 Leaders?.... Let me introduce my neice-

 Captain Jennifer Gil** U.S.M.C.

 Foreign Affairs Officer

 At 21 yaers old she had 2 Masters Degrees one in Global Economics one in Political Science

 She then joined The Marines and completed "boot camp" with several women and 480 men. There was no different or lesser requirentments for the men or women. The six mile run with the 100 # packs.. yes she did that. Tho there wer MANY wash uots.

 She was nominated by her C.O.'s and a Congressman who she had worked with 2 summers for The U.S.M.C. Officer Canidate School at Quantico. She was acepted into the program.

 The Officer Canidates have to complete a intencely demanding program both scolasticaly and physically. Again no difference in requirements between male and female Marines. They learn how to BE A LEADER. Her class also had a 55% wash uot rate. After she graduated she has served both in the states and in 3 other cuontrys. With much more specialized training inbetween she is 27 years old now. She was promoted to Captain last yaer. After she learns several more languages fluently  she takes a month long program in capture evasion.In September she ships uot to serve rotateing between the Embacys of 10 countrys on the Asian Rim.

 hummm..I wonder why she had to learn 3 Mid Eastern languages.

 She is a a LEADER of men. She is ready and willing to serve in combat, in fact she is eager.

* She sent me the magizine photo from The Naval Postgraduate School in Calif. where she is picking up the aditional languages.

  ...yuo bet I'm pruod of her. I have absolute confidence that she will Serve Honorably in Combat or as a Leader in Combat. I seriously doubt that she wants or needs the protection of other soldiers.


You have good reason to be proud DD. Heck, I'm proud of her too!!

Yea!!!  Be proud!

Tee and Jaylee honorary Uncle and Aunt!

Top photo-polar opisite sisters Captain Gil** U.S.M.C and Sister Cammie The Masuse/Artist.


Bottom photo- Capt. Gil**on leave yup broken nose (hand to hand combat .The fellow also took some very painful licks I understand. heh,heh,heh)

Aunt Suzan/ DD in the Middle

Cammie In Green.

Thank You for sharing  DD!!!!! Looks like three very strong women to me. 


Good stuff DD....

Good to see you!!!!!!

Thanks Still-it's graet to see yuo fella!

Any time that I have ever shot a gun. It was with my hands. I also used my eyes and steadied my breath. It had zero to do with down there. OKAY?

Seriously, why such a revelation about women being able to fight? All one has to do is look at the stats on rape in the U.S.A. to know that a woman better know how to fight. Especially with all the deadly STDs out there.

It's not about shooting a gun.

It's not even about shooting a gun without hesitation and with the intent to kill someone.

It's more about carrying a 70lb pack all day, ... and then shooting a gun without hesitation at someone you've never met and who might have never done anything to you or your unit except put on a uniform that's different than yours.




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