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As many of you know--I am a resident oof a small, tiny, East Coast State that use to be known to the world as Rhode Island.  I say use to be--because there is a decree that have the State's name changed to Row Island! 


Flood is the word of the week for this state right now!  There are floods everywhere--including my basement--(Just above ankle deep right now).  I have a brand new river in my back yard--but I am not as bad as areas like Cranston and West warwick--where entire sections of those towns have been totally evacuated.  What am I saying?  Half of Western Rhode Island have been evacuated or is currently being considered as to whether or not they should be evacuated.  Roughtly %40 of I 95--the main highway of RI is unreachable--or closed down--(And there are only 28 exits on I 95 here--what does that tell u????). 


President Obama had declared the entire State of RI in a State of Emergency, so we are going to be under a federal watch at least for the rest of this week.  Which is good--because it is suppose to rain the rest of this week!  But u wanna know what the biggest problem of the whole situation is??  I don't have any bacon available for breakfast--and I can't go out to get any!!  Grrrrr!!!!


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My friend in New York lives on Long Island, but the house where she lives is not in danger of alooding at all. She lives north of the turnpike, which I think is called the Jericho Turnpike.
We took the Amtrak from Boston to Portland yesterday and saw some of the flooding up close. Also saw the helicopters bringing the President into Portland. There was only one patch were one of our youngest riders wanted to know if there were crocodiles in the water that we were surrounded by adding that he wasn't very good at swimming. Sorry about the missing bacon and the water in the basement. Hope you stay dry out there in RI.
Stay dry HAH.
I hope the damage is minimal.
Thanks SD for the update...I know we've all been concerned for HAH's well-being... :)
Thinking of you, your mom, and your furry family, Heart, and wishing you the very best...from a fellow Roe Dylinda (born in Newpawt). I wish I could be of real help, but the best I can do is pray and send you some Johnnycakes to go with Chez Moi's bacon. Promise not to go down cellar until the water recedes and it's safe...

Has anyone heard from HAH?
I hope he can check in soon. He probably has insurance that will cover the damage and I know I heard talk while I was in Mass about how to apply for refunds on the damage and clean up. They said to keep all of the reciepts that have anything to do with the flooding so the person can be reimbursed.
TBD is a great friendship network. Kind of like a very large family.
HAH, I hope you had time and the ability to get any valuables out of the basement and upstairs.
Hang in there HAH!!! SandraDee, thanks for keeping us up-to-date...Hopefully he'll be able to find some help with the cleanup and his electricity will get turned on soon... Thinking of you HAH!!
Yes--Thanks to everyone who sent out thier prayers. Now if you can just send me your motor baots..and your sail boats..and your yachts...
We don't have flood insurance--because we don't live near the river. Well---we do now I guess. However--we do have 'liability insurance' and also FEMA have been directed to giving our area very low charged loans. But honestly--Other then the cat litter boxes--most of the stuff downstairs should be ok--since most of it was elevated. there is the washer/dryer thingies--but I have to wait before I can check how those things fared.
What???? Another Rhode Islander??? And it is a female????? Oh my!! I LIKE females. Are u still in RI? Are u married? Taken? Single? Do we have anything else in common?? Are we suppose to fall in love and live happily ever after?? Details--details!!!!!

Oh buy the way--thanks for the well wishes!




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