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THINK about it .....So far 2,646,333 others have viewed this proposition.

THINK about it .....So far 2,646,333 others have viewed this proposition.

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They just proved that global warming is a giant HOAX.
The earth has been cooling for ten years.
This is a super tax raising bunch of BS. (They raised our power bill).
The sun is cooling and I do find this alarming.
Science is now looking into it. (the sun cooling).
Good to hear from you darroll,
and what you say interests me no end, for, as ominous as it sounds,
I had the thought that maybe like it is stated in the Bible somewhere,
that (if or when) this heavenly body we inhabit (this planet earth I mean),
comes to an end, it just may be because we are being drawn closer and
closer towards the sun, and that could be why we feel it is getting hotter and hotter?
...now, by what you have found, it seems the sun is cooling....
It's and endless debate/discussion I feel. Thanks.
If we use this gentlemans thought process and applied it to other or even all of lifes potentially catostophic scenariros, it would be very interesting. Just one example; We should nuke every nation that has nuclear weapons capabilities, starting with the countries that are at this moment hostile to us. We could possibly try to avoid this, because they may never attack us, but if we don't get them first, under the worst case outcome they could create a nuclear holocoust in the U. S. Of course there woud be survivors, but would we want to live in a world like that, I don't think so.....

I am sure we could come up with other examples, that would be just as silly and dangerous. I think the Global heating debate should continue, and it seems there is a shift taking place, as we start to pay attention to the other side of the issue .....

Doomsday predictions, can be easily used by folks who desire to take control over societies, and this could cause tyranny... There certainly are times when a course of action is necessary, but I believe wisdom dictates we follow the money and the beneficeraries of proposed policies. We should think carefully before putting our economy in the hands of the elite chosen few ..............

Since some of us are determined to control the earths temperature, I vote for a balmy 80 degrees daytime, and a cool 65 degrees at night...........
Jack Z - that is excellent! and I like the way you have kept your sense of humor here.
This tape was forwarded to me yesterday, and I felt that it was very interesting to
at least have folk really think - almost as if they had to vote on it,
and the only way we can make an informed decision is to gather as much
information - both positive and negative, in order to arrive at some kind of decision.
The interesting thing to me is, that this topic that is posing a lot of consternation
around the entire Globe, is in itself, the very catalyst that is needed to get
everyone acknowledging that there has to be a combined and cooperative
attitude towards one another of all races and creeds, in order to tackle this situation.
Thanks for giving the time to reply here today.
What made me mad about this whole GW pile was:
The schools told our children that they are going to slowly cook on this earth and it’s our fault..
Hell, if I was a kid I would turn to drugs also.
Let kids be kids.
We have become a nation of blamers, these people that came up with this junk science, aren’t going to admit anything. They will find someone to blame?
darroll, - That is sad to hear, whoever those educators happened to be, were extremely irresponsible.
9 and a half minutes to tell us to take action just in case.
Thanks larry kremis, and I see what you mean, a 9 minute video has it's inbuilt cost to view it as well, hey?
jacquin - good to meet you here, thanks for being interested to come over and have a say.
When I viewed this for the first time only yesterday, I thought about it for a while,
and then decided that since it helped me to know a bit more of this dilemma,
it may do the same for others.
I get all wound up sometimes, because to me, one of the biggest crying shames of the
last half of my life, is knowing how many trees and forests that has been destroyed.

The trees are what absorb the carbon dioxide and return it into the atmosphere as oxygen,
trees are mean't to hang around for a looooong time - just look at the way they hug Mother
Earth with their root systems, and make a huge difference with keeping the temperature
of the surface of the earth cool, we only have to drive along a road lined with the big shady
trees to immediately feel the difference when we enter the tree-free spaces again.
This is what my little owl brain is telling me that has a huge impact on climate change,
Anyway, I shall stop raving on now, and thanks again jacquin, it has been good to have
folk come and Comment on their thoughts here.




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