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The Infamous Forum's Check-in Comment Wall Thread Thingy ;-p

I was wondering.... can our Forum have a Comment Wall beneath the "Discussions" & "Games" categories? Sometimes I don't want to play a game or participate in a particular discussion at the moment, but would like simply to check in & say 'hi.'
I used to have that kind of camaraderie in the Daily Grind, but it's a ghost town w/only tumble weeds now, to my disappointment. :-(

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I don't know about a comment wall but this may make you smile.
Made me smile, Pickleallen! Quite a while since I heard that one.
yes, I agree that there's no use in trying a new group since the current ones aren't holding their own, that's why I thought a simpler Comment Wall attached to our Forum page might be a good alternative. The Random Thoughts thread doesn't really fit the 'check in' flavor I'm longing for.
How about a "Randy Thoughts" thread? I don't think DZGD has a copyright on that?
Robbie - this is unkind. I spoke on behalf of Maria & LFF - who were no longer members, but who were upset. Ideas can not be copyright, 'tis true, but a name or a string of words can be trademarked, and this could well be a work in progress for one of the former members.

I'm still a (contributing and active) member of this community. Please don't use my moniker to belittle me.
Diana, I admit the comment was a pretty snide. I apologize. However, I do very much disagree with your comments about this matter. I could see and understand your reasoning about the actions that George Richards took initially. But, I do not know of any proof that he was starting that group on Myatlantis for any reason other than what he stated.
That is past. Now to the current situation. I have to ask, why did Maria and LFF not speak up if they were upset? My personal feeling is that by leaving tbd and taking their groups with them they have abandoned tbd. If anyone has a rightful complaint it would be the members who stayed with tbd. Those group names were part of this site. Therefore I think we have much more right to use them than anyone on Myatlantis. However, since I was not very active in either one I really don't care. What I care about, as anyone who has followed my posts over the last three years should know, is my right to free speech. Unless the titles are patented or someone has copyright ownership of the titles, I or anyone else can use them. If a patent or copywrite is in progress, when it is approved, action can be brought to stay anyone else from using it.
I always get very defensive when anyone tries to tell me what I can or can not do. That is the only dog that I have in this fight.
Thanks Robbie. I've sent you a PM - because there are other issues to hand that you (and many others) are not aware of concerning all this.

I did not initiate another round of this conversation. Nor will I belabour it further. I most certainly respect your opinion. La Fille Francaise has re-joined TBD in order to speak for herself now, if and when the need should arise. Again, Robbie I thank you for your apology.
Since I am not a guilty of plagiarism Quinn, I will accept your post addressed towards me in agreement.
At the risk of taking away your free speech, Robbie, I'm coming in & blowing this conversation to all four corners of the universe w/my lovely, delicious Colgate-Scotch breath. HUG. Laugh. Shoot Silly String at each other. THIS, as of this very moment, is the new Forum's Check-in Comment Wall Thread thingy
(w/Pru's approval, of course)

For Robbie....

*I got's lot's of these in a few varieties....wanna buy some..or would that be wrong of me..?
ummm.... Ms. Farquar.... most honourable Journalist of the Forum... they're probably well known, but I'm afraid that, no, I don't know your opinions on this. However, upon research of the word I furthered my understanding by learning that besides being an open, public space in the the middle of a Roman city, it is also understood to be:

1. "Forum (legal), designated space for public expression in the USA," as well as
2. "Internet forum, discussion board on the Internet"

source: Wikipedia, our online go-to free Encyclopedia

although those are "legal" & "internet" definitions & not specifically "journalistic views" - if we throw in that I was a Communications major, so I have a leetle bit of journalistic cop-on (albeit VERY leetle & I haven't actually practiced any in 20somethin' years) and maybe we could do it as a thread (that will die out w/out popular appeal) MAYBE we could run w/it this way?

(you know I'm just playing w/you by exercising my typically nerdy, research-addicted self don't you? '-)
oh, cr@p.




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