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Pedophilia (or paedophilia) is a psychological disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children, (snip) Studies in the UK and USA suggest that a range of 5% to 20% of child sexual abuse offenses are perpetrated by women. (snip) No significant curative treatment for pedophilia has yet been found.(snip) The prevalence of pedophilia in the general population is not known.Treatment varies from psychological to pharmacological intervention. (Wikipedia).

Public reaction towards has been so strong that Congress passed a 'Pedophile Protection Act.' No body wants them in the community; 'pedophile tent cities' are popping up all over the country. Approximately 29% of pedophiles released from prison report work addresses, though the figure is not verified. ( DAVID ABEL).

Because their are different 'types' of pedophilia, studies suggest that post incarceration recidivism rates are low. Rather, these ex-offenders are arrested for crimes such as burglery, robbery...crimes of survival.

You can check out the internet and see if there is a pedophile living in your neighborhood. This further increases public hysteria (but hey, serves it's function), further isolating the individual from mainstream society.

What to do, what to do? Do we turn our backs and let them live in tent cities? Life in prison? Castration? Murder? Leave the punishment up to the victim (or the surviving family)? Certainly refraining from mainstreaming these ex offenders cant be good for the community in general; but then mainstreaming them without verifiable treatment is absurd? Halfway houses with ankle monitors, with jobs cleaning up highways? What to do, What to do?

Do you have issues with this in your community? What are your opinions regarding a solution for this  problem? 

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There have been 3 cases of women (teachers) having sex with underage boys here in Alabama in the last year or so. Not sure why, but it never seems as unsavory to me as visa verse. Pedophiles are repugnant to me, but it never seems a bad if it is a woman having sex with a boy. Why is that? Anyone else feel the same way? Re: My earlier post; If a 17 year old girl had had sex with a 15 year old boy would 10 years in the penitentiary and labeled for life as a sexual predator been equally as fair? I don't know....how do you guys feel about it? The age difference in that particular case was less than 18 months, and he is still screwed for the rest of his life.
If I had sex with a teacher when I was in high school I would have been high-fived by all my friends. None of us guys could wait to get to English class our senior year. Miss Williams was right out of college and easy on the eyes.
We had a teacher (male) arrested for having sex with a highschooler. Some of these teachers are pretty hot and the girls are all stunning. My husband says that when he taught, the kids were always coming on to him. Actually, I had similar experiences also. The age difference was so slight.

When I refer to pedophiles, I'm talking about 40 yo men and 12 year old kids. This stuff about 17 yo boys and 15 yo girls is what puts all the cracks into the system.
I have no doubt that the urges toward pedophilia can't be cured, BUT, and belle said it best: they know it's wrong and they can stop their actions.
Thats an excellent point Lar. But some of us are better at controllin our urges than others
They used to chain you to a wall, throw some hay beneith your body, and throw your dinner over. I guess that means we've come far. We are, afterall, enslaved to evolution.
Dont dwell so much on the past. It'll kill you. Think about what we can do to make this world a better place before they bury us, and thousands of creditors are trying to dig us up. I wish you peace. MS
sorry for the misunderstanding.
Who me? I don't dwell on the past. I was asked to post this about my daughter :-)

Thank you. I appreciate the re-posting. Pedophilia is a silent crime for the most part. A lady I know said she and her brother was molested by a relative for a period of time when they were but young kids. It messed, both of them up, but she did do research on the subject and said that as much as 1 in 3 children were at one point in their loves molested sexually. I believe her because it happened to me once. It happened to my son, and many of my students have been victims too.

Public awareness of this silent crime should be raised, but it is often swept under the rug because it is a shameful one for most people.
Pedophiles control their urges amazingly well when necessary and take a great deal of time "grooming" their victims. They know exactly what they're doing. I read once a pedophile will molest a thousand times before getting caught...on average.
Well, it would have been molestation had you not slugged him. Good for you!
There is heightened awareness now thank goodness and it has helped. 1) with more education in the schools, children are telling more. 2) molested children will sometimes act out sexually with others, themselves, or with dolls, and teachers and other providers are noticing more. 3) there are other signs that bring up red flags....bedwetting, feces smearing, nightmares and/or night terrors, and fire starting can all be signs of sexual abuse. Molesters can often be close family friends or neighbors. Be watchful of any adult that wants to spend excessive amounts of time with children and/or buys them gifts regularly (grooming).

The pedophile's success depends on silence. Children are often threatened to stay silent and often do because of a fear of the consequences if they told. It's very effective. With the increased education, pedophiles are being caught more and more, but much still goes unreported or unseen.




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