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Pedophilia (or paedophilia) is a psychological disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children, (snip) Studies in the UK and USA suggest that a range of 5% to 20% of child sexual abuse offenses are perpetrated by women. (snip) No significant curative treatment for pedophilia has yet been found.(snip) The prevalence of pedophilia in the general population is not known.Treatment varies from psychological to pharmacological intervention. (Wikipedia).

Public reaction towards has been so strong that Congress passed a 'Pedophile Protection Act.' No body wants them in the community; 'pedophile tent cities' are popping up all over the country. Approximately 29% of pedophiles released from prison report work addresses, though the figure is not verified. ( DAVID ABEL).

Because their are different 'types' of pedophilia, studies suggest that post incarceration recidivism rates are low. Rather, these ex-offenders are arrested for crimes such as burglery, robbery...crimes of survival.

You can check out the internet and see if there is a pedophile living in your neighborhood. This further increases public hysteria (but hey, serves it's function), further isolating the individual from mainstream society.

What to do, what to do? Do we turn our backs and let them live in tent cities? Life in prison? Castration? Murder? Leave the punishment up to the victim (or the surviving family)? Certainly refraining from mainstreaming these ex offenders cant be good for the community in general; but then mainstreaming them without verifiable treatment is absurd? Halfway houses with ankle monitors, with jobs cleaning up highways? What to do, What to do?

Do you have issues with this in your community? What are your opinions regarding a solution for this  problem? 

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I worked there once, clinical research. The guy that botched my foot was not a good doctor. The guy that botched my spine was worse. They may have some good doctors, but the bad ones have already done their damage.
Sorry about this guys. Some times the pain and frustration get so bad. I should not have taken it out here. Please accept my appologies. Jackie
I live a few blocks away from one of the largest psychiatric center in the nation: Rockland Psychiatric Center (RPC). I don't know how well inmates are treated inside the facilities, but many of them are allowed to roam the campus. I see them often when I use the shortcut to drive to the next town.

Here are photos. I pass through this scenery almost daily. because my son's best friend lives one town over.


White Plains, Westchester has great psychiatry facilities. I once interviewed to work as a teacher for teens in the outpatient facility.
Did anybody notice that they have a day care center.
Some of those pictures are spooky.
Darroll. I've driven through that center at midnight to pick up my kids from friends. It is VERY, VERY spooky. It would be a classic scene from an old horror movie. I'm glad they moved all the patients to a newly built- cheerfully decorated building some years ago. Most of the other older buildings are abandoned- boarded up
Rockland really looks unkempt.
heheheheh Larry, I live in a very beautiful neighborhood, by the Hudson river valley.
wanna see http://www.angelfire.com/ny3/moonbeauty/rocklandny.html
(It's my site- my kids are little there)
I live in Dutchess County, just north of you. The psychiatric center here burned down a few years ago.

funesthememorious ,
what was the cause of the fire?
Very beautiful indeed Maricel. Of course I didn't mean the county, I meant the psychiatric facility.
Hey guys: There are people living on the street. Some are dangerous, some are sick. Our government has no interest in helping these people. We need ideas for a solution.

It strikes me how few (relatively) people are interested in discussing this subject. Word games are so much more popular.. Maybe thats part of the problem.

Thank you, everybody for taking the time and giving thought to this difficult and complex problem. Though there are areas we may disagree in, the fact that we can have this discussion leaves me with great respect for all of you. More importantly, it opens the door to a solution. Have a great weekend. Keep fighting the good fight. Love, jackie
it opens the door to a solution.Jackie Rodzinski (Mother Sanity)

Part of the solution is public awareness....and I think Sara Darwin has made stride within our little group. I'll think twice now about the person behind the label of sex offender. It is just sometimes hard to get past my maternal fear of my child being harmed.




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