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Pedophilia (or paedophilia) is a psychological disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a sexual preference for prepubescent children, (snip) Studies in the UK and USA suggest that a range of 5% to 20% of child sexual abuse offenses are perpetrated by women. (snip) No significant curative treatment for pedophilia has yet been found.(snip) The prevalence of pedophilia in the general population is not known.Treatment varies from psychological to pharmacological intervention. (Wikipedia).

Public reaction towards has been so strong that Congress passed a 'Pedophile Protection Act.' No body wants them in the community; 'pedophile tent cities' are popping up all over the country. Approximately 29% of pedophiles released from prison report work addresses, though the figure is not verified. ( DAVID ABEL).

Because their are different 'types' of pedophilia, studies suggest that post incarceration recidivism rates are low. Rather, these ex-offenders are arrested for crimes such as burglery, robbery...crimes of survival.

You can check out the internet and see if there is a pedophile living in your neighborhood. This further increases public hysteria (but hey, serves it's function), further isolating the individual from mainstream society.

What to do, what to do? Do we turn our backs and let them live in tent cities? Life in prison? Castration? Murder? Leave the punishment up to the victim (or the surviving family)? Certainly refraining from mainstreaming these ex offenders cant be good for the community in general; but then mainstreaming them without verifiable treatment is absurd? Halfway houses with ankle monitors, with jobs cleaning up highways? What to do, What to do?

Do you have issues with this in your community? What are your opinions regarding a solution for this  problem? 

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I wasnt aware of that. I thought that once the testosterone was gone, so were the sexual (not necessarily violent) urges.
I think once again we are generalizing...or putting ideas out there.
I think you simplify things too much when you group all sex offenders into a lump. I know your mentalities, I've been there. But, behind every offense is an individual. Unless we get to know that single person well enough to find out what was going on in their life then and now, making wide-sweeping remarks such as many here, shows our ignorance.
In contradiction to what was said above, many of these offenders suffer treatable maladies, such as severe Bi-polar disorder. I know three such people personally and under treatment they are three of the most wonderful people in my life. It's very easy to sit back and make wide-sweeping remarks that discount other people's lives as worthless when you haven't invested the time or energy to know the facts or haven't had someone you love involved. I've been on both sides of this issue. I was the victim from age three to age seven(my own dad) and two of my relatives are offenders. I have spent many years researching this issue and many years dealing with the aftermath of the offenses. Before you're so ready to jump on your band wagon, educate yourself a little and think with your brain instead of your hate. Invest some time, volunteer at a prison and work with some of these people, you may be surprised at what you learn. Also, before you go chopping off peoples parts get some facts to back up what you think you know. Even the term "violent sex offender" doesn't always mean what you think it means. I know very well a young woman doing 66 years in prison for allowing a man to send her files to hold for him which contained 13 pictures of adolescents in various stages of undress. She did not take the pictures, she was not there when they were taken or have any thing to do with the pictures or the young people but because they were on her computer she was charged with thirteen counts of child sexual abuse. Because they crossed state lines was a whole other situation. The fact of the matter is, she suffered a very debilitating case of Bi-polar disorder and allowed this man to manipulate her into doing things she never would have done had she been well. Her label is violent sex offender. She was always and is today one of the sweetest most gentle souls I've ever known. And in case you might be thinking she simply has me fooled, she is my daughter so I know her pretty damned well. So please, before you make your wide sweeps, know what you're talking about. It takes me three and a half hours each way and a lot of money I don't have to go visit my daughter(whom I love) and I really can't afford to go to a space colony to see her. Thanks for thinking.
Innocent people are prosecuted and punished every day sara, it's a travesty. On the other hand, violent offenders are able to convince courts to release them from prison before they're healed. Maybe the courts could hire you to determine who's healthy and who's not. You'd be providing a great service, a service that nobody in the history of mankind has been able to provide.
Larry, I'm sorry but there is no "healing" in prison. There isn't even an attempt to heal. There is only lock them away from the "good people". We all have a bit of sickness, some are tolerated and even embraced, some are not. The hate that is spewed every day on threads like this that do nothing constructive but allow people to feel a part of a whole, is a type of sickness. When one does not think for himself but buys into what he's told(by whomever, his church, tv, friends, family)to me that is a type of sickness and a waste. Sarcasm may do well in some instances but used as a defense against thinking more deeply, it's just a lazy out.
I get your point, Sara, but I don't really see that as the intent of this thread. It seems to me that it was an attempt to have real conversation about what kind of solutions are possible. And your input has been valuable in showing just how complex a problem it really is.
All situations concerning human beings and their fate should absolutely be very complex issues.
' Should' is a nice sentiment. Think of prisons in countries like Burma, Thailand...Prisoners are a sourse of sadistic entertainment there. Human life is cheep. Violence, indifference is well tolerated. What if I said to you that Osama Bin Laden, in a way, was a great hero? He was a prince, he was wealthy. Instead he gave all that up to live like a hunted animal in a cave because he wanted to bring attention to the plight of his people. You'd say I was insane.

There really are at least 2 sides to every story. And there are lots and lots and lots of ulterior motives. People not gods, and if they were made in 'the image of god', I'd hate to run into the prototype.
So far, I think this is a controlled discussion. There is no hatred being expressed, just perhaps some frustration. These are some of our countries most difficult issues. They tend to ellicit emotional response, but, with all due respect, I see no evidence of hate or derision. To solve a problem we must first identify it. That requires conversation. Some of us disagree with others. This is not a crime but a source for enlightenment. A long overdue one.
Yes Larry, for civilization, it would be a leap forward in generations. But prisons are not about reform and health. Healing is at the bottom of their priorities. Many convicts belong in mental hospitals. But who cares? As long as WE dont see them, they might as well not exsist, and our merry way of life can continue.
Thanks Sara for your thoughtful response. Though I don't believe in "souls" I do know what you're speaking of and I agree, there are some who certainly seem to have no conscience what-so-ever. That is a medical condition also but, so far, those people are untreatable. They are none-the-less human beings and still deserve to be treated as such and looked at on an individual basis.
The idea that we can just lump all of anything together and shove it aside, bothers me deeply. It's easy and that in itself should tell us that it is a job not well done. Few jobs dealing with living things and their future are simple and if they are simple to you, then you perhaps have a problem. It's funny to me that we have people who go to great expense of time and money to save a species of animals or plants but wouldn't think twice about throwing people to the wolves. Says something about our value system I think.
I'm pleased to see at least you seem to have an open mind Sara and an open heart.
By the way Sara, I will go change my name so as not to bring you any bad press.
Well, as I said above Sara, 66 years...do you think they reflect that? I think not. I think as a people, we tend to let emotion run our justice system. I have children and grand children whom I worry about daily but lumping people into a group and pushing them to the back of our minds, is not the answer.




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