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And this is how you play:

Bang your head on the keyboard - maybe once, maybe twice -(Try to hit a different section the scond time!)


That's the result. After the result, you create a sentence where each word in the sentence begins with the above letters, for example:

There, Yonder, 6 gorillas unwelcome in July.

And so on. Numbers, symbols and punctuation are all in play. Have at it.

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vcv cm Very clear victory Clinton made
Am i the only one that banged my head twice! Stupid me ;)

But now the race quail races turkeys!
Never mind
(I have a small head...OK, I cheated , I used my fist because if I had more letter I wouldn't made any thing out of it. I have hard time forming a sentence even when I have a thought in my head. If I bang in at the keyboard I would not have anything left, much less forming a sentence out of it.)
Jeez....are you serious? Here goes aolw.tkj
Alone on low walk, take kind joke
Underestimated...yep..just hurt!!

everyone does dis?
g ftv

good find the verse.

(I'm glad nobody walked in on me.

Giant vole burrows furtively.
Does the number of letters you hit indicate how large your head is?? ;-)
Have you seen my pix Calli? Huge head and I got 4 letters!!
Try it again with that hat on, and I'll bet you'll get more! Lol!
farts don't talk




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