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Let's chat about improvements we would like!
I will start:
I wish I wish I wish we could have the old TBD remarks after a comment in a discussion. Pardon my 54 year old brain -- was it kudos or vibes?
Whatever it was, I secretly was thrilled to receive and to give people the alert that they were funny or that I understood - or the "kicks in pants" which to me was just a fun way of showing affection rather than actual kicking of buttocks.
I KNOW we have those cartoon blobs now. But I want the easy button after a person comments! I want to show Pickleallen and Larry and Dotcom and kdblake and Kevin Lange and Monkeypants and Pru and every other person here how I feel about their comment -- immediately. That was fun!

Kudos! (See how nice I feel with a kudo!)
Ouch! (see how shocked I am to get kicked in butt?)

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Hmmm... still no PM from Larry... KittyCat must have seen that.
*I just sent you one to test. *
I wish we could send PMs to people who weren't official friends yet. How on earth do they expect us to know if we want them as a friend if you can't talk first???
I wish we could have the old tbd back!!!! i cant ever find remarks and cant keep up with this format
just tooooo confusing for this old tech retarded mind.....
I msss my old friends :(
I was just starting to "come out" into the word, now, im shut back into darkness again....I HATE IT .....
I guess that makes me a crouch and who dont want to change....getting old sux and the old tbd at least kept us all there to laff together...

by the time i find this discussion again everyone will be way gone to anther one....
cya in the future
I wish we had a way to kick Miss Smee in the butt. On the main page. A really clear blinking button that you click on and some guy in liederhosen goes to her house and winds up a hamstringin good whopper. Kapow! Utube memory preservation requested.
What, Alendar, you still missin' your pants? Haven't gotten up the nerve to swipe a pair from a passerby? Why not try the Mr Bean approach and go to the laundromat?

Now, back to serious stuff, wish list:
I want our alerts on our own pages, for groups as well as discussions, and I want them done right: tell me what was the latest post in the discussions I follow.
I do not want TBD in my E-mails, though some may.
kudos and bravos :)
miss ya
its not as easy as it was to keep in touch :(
Thanks for reminding those kudos which were nice features but then we lose somthing to get something . My TBD wish is for all my warm friends here to find their happiness who in return will double the happiness for others :)
Me too.

Er, Sme too.

I'm with ya.
Where is Alendar? That was an amazing trick -- to set him straight on the old TBD and force him to fall in love. He had no idea!
Sme, I'll take your 54 year old brain as trade in on my well oiled 72 year old brain. It has been used very little. Mostly trying to pick out winning lottery numbers. We all know that uses up very few brain cells. Of course I would require some modifications. We would probably need to reprogrram your desire to visit lady footlocker to "where is the nearest HOOTERS"? Anyway, I think this might be a win/win trade. I eagerly await your reply.





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