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Let's chat about improvements we would like!
I will start:
I wish I wish I wish we could have the old TBD remarks after a comment in a discussion. Pardon my 54 year old brain -- was it kudos or vibes?
Whatever it was, I secretly was thrilled to receive and to give people the alert that they were funny or that I understood - or the "kicks in pants" which to me was just a fun way of showing affection rather than actual kicking of buttocks.
I KNOW we have those cartoon blobs now. But I want the easy button after a person comments! I want to show Pickleallen and Larry and Dotcom and kdblake and Kevin Lange and Monkeypants and Pru and every other person here how I feel about their comment -- immediately. That was fun!

Kudos! (See how nice I feel with a kudo!)
Ouch! (see how shocked I am to get kicked in butt?)

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And now a KIP for those that deserve it.
I agree, KarenSme. I miss the kudos, getting and giving. Diana said it so well... Kudos to her. I try now to add a smile where appropriate, but it often falls way down on the page and is hard to understand. I only rarely sent out a KIP, but I sure miss the other vibes, so easy to use.

I do copy/paste to quote occasionally, but it is true that it is cumbersome. I am absolutely mystified at the sputtering appearance of that feature, coming at the same time as out mysterious change of format. If it was done by hackers, I wish they'd just get on with it and finish up the job right!

I really do not like the BuddyPoke things. I don't know why it gets on my nerves. Just me, I guess; I don't like glitter and flash and bling and twinkles either, but I accept the love they are wrapped in with joy.

Oh, well, hugs to all of you...
Karen and Chez and anybody else who doesn't buddy poke. Get with it. It's fun, theres a hundred things you can do with it.
Larry, PM me for a hundred things to do without it.
They buddy-poked me out of mypage! Took hours to buddy-poke back! Dotcom complained about my outfit! I meditated with her buddy-person for days! I can't continue that lifestyle. Another buddy-poke advocate indicates that he or she has been buddy-poke-kick-ass-fighting with another "buddy" for weeks. It's turned into "buddy war." I abhor violence even among buddy-pokers.

I'm thinking buddy-poker police intervention. Or Dr. Ruth.
Does Buddy Poke have a kick in the butt?
It has a lot more than that pickle. Like karen said, there's one section that is violent, I don't intend on sending any violent pokes. It is a lot of fun.
I will try buddy-bang again, or whatever they call it. Re-luc-tant-ly.
Yeah, some are quite expressive, someone I forget who as I don't need a repeat, glomped me. My chiropractor and I get closer all the time.
Yes dear Pickle Bum /;-D wanna see?




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