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Really folks, arent we all friends    ? 
Here at TBD, many of us have known eachother for years! Why have we forgotten to befriend eachother.? I just noticed a wonderful woman whom I've been friends with, yet wasnt included in my list. Take a moment to go through active members you know, and if they are not already your friends, then befriend them. 
(I'm going to start doing this just as soon as I can deal with this kid thats in trouble.) Joy and laughter to you all. And to all of you, I send my love. Jackie

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I was going to unfriend all my friends for just the same reason.

I can't friend everyone (some people simply refuse to have anything to do with me) and I hate to draw distinctions.
I love you, Danny!
You are a sweet and wonderful lady.
Gimme a Break! Get this message I got, while making friends:
You have reached the maximum limit of 100 outstanding friend requests across your Ning Networks.
How dumb is that?
I didn't know, there are limits for friend requests.
Limits to friend requests...Seems rather...unfriendly, doesnt it?
Jackie you where one of my first friends on TBD1.
Aggie, you've been one of my best friends, here, at TBD.
Judy Wright and BethbytheBay were 2 of my first friends at TBD1.
I friended a person and got an STD....I'm more careful now.
They make a pill for that or just go ahead and defriend everyone SG.....everything will go away.
I think Donnaka was one of my first friends on TBDv1...along with YBH and Carol....times and players may have changed but some folks can't be forgotten.
So many are now my friends on FB....I just wish I could remember who they were on TBDv1!!
Fromz and Bad Frog. They are both gone now. I took Jaylee to the tbd prom.




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