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It seems news stories about bovine flatulence being a major cause of greenhouse gasses, that contribute to global warming, are becoming more common. When I first heard it I laughed......nothing like cow farts applied to an absurd conclusion to tickle my funny bone.

But it seems that I remember that rotting vegetation in swamps and jungles cause the same greenhouse gasses.....in greater volume than cow farts. Yet I don't hear anyone advocating draining swamps or cutting down jungles. Ooops...excuse me....rain forests and wetlands.

Is someone trying to propagandize me? And who is the poor schlep that is standing behind a cow trying to measure bovine farts? Talk about a crappy job!

BTW.....humans pass gas on average of 14 times a day......who finances this kind of study? Oh! and are you farting up to par? 14 is the target! Fart your fair share....hahahahahaha

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that is your assignment Larry. Should you choose to accept it!!!! skunk farting--reports expected soon.
Blondie dear, I followed a skunk around all day today. I'm sorry to report that my findings are inconclusive. I have made a new little black and white friend however. Is stalking small animals through the woods wrong?
Depends---Do u gain a woody while walking through the woods?
I think that if they ever got around to studying my husband, they wouldn't worry about the cows any more! :-p
If I ever get the chance to meet your husband, I'm telling him everything you say about him. :)
I've got no worries here, he'd be the first one to agree, lol!
You guys have me laughing so hard...What a discussion!!!! lmao
Cows only have 4 stomachs but produce 8 times the farts as armadillos.

The proposed tax on my cows will put my family out of the cattle business after 140 years of raising cattle in Texas.
I think I will write my representatives........and tell them that if they vote for that proposed tax.....that I will work long and hard to advertise the fact that he voted to tax cow farts. And ask when he will start taxing people farts!?

Make him look like a real dumbshit.....because we all know politicians love to be exposed as the wienies that they are.
Their belches have more gas than the farts.
I'm eating Mexican tonight so I can hold up my end of the fart continuum. If you've half a brain you'll be upwind of me tomorrow.




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