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It seems news stories about bovine flatulence being a major cause of greenhouse gasses, that contribute to global warming, are becoming more common. When I first heard it I laughed......nothing like cow farts applied to an absurd conclusion to tickle my funny bone.

But it seems that I remember that rotting vegetation in swamps and jungles cause the same greenhouse gasses.....in greater volume than cow farts. Yet I don't hear anyone advocating draining swamps or cutting down jungles. Ooops...excuse me....rain forests and wetlands.

Is someone trying to propagandize me? And who is the poor schlep that is standing behind a cow trying to measure bovine farts? Talk about a crappy job!

BTW.....humans pass gas on average of 14 times a day......who finances this kind of study? Oh! and are you farting up to par? 14 is the target! Fart your fair share....hahahahahaha

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Everyone needs a hobby, :-)
Cows don't fart, not much anyway. The gas comes out the other end, they burp.
pffftt pfffftttt pfffffftttt pffffffttt pffftttt pffffttt pfffftttt pffftttttt pffffttttt pfffftttt pfffttt pffffttttt pfffftttttt and finally pppppffffffttttttttttttttttt
There you go--14 cybered farts!!! Target acquired sir!
HAHAHAHAHA.....I can't believe you did that! And no one even had to pull your finger...hahahaha
Good thing too--I needed my fingers to do the cybered fartings for me!
8.6; 8.5; 8.7; 9.0 and the Russian judge gives you a 6.8
14 times a day?? No way man. I save mine for several days so I can achieve escape velosity.

Our taxes are going up to fix this problem.
If it does--we need to form a tea party to protest!
OMG something else I need to worry about.
Maybe they think that the more ludicrous it sounds the more we might believe it.

I'm currently trying to get grants for a study on possum farts. Wish me luck.
Good luck. Do skunks fart? How would you know?




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