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St. Peter's Basilica being struck by lightening hours after the pope's resignation surprise  the close bypass of an asteroid coming today, a floating sewage container with 4000 passengers, a revisit of Waco, a necessary, unnecessary filibuster, a drink of water, ketchup now owed by a Buffet not a Heinz no matter what the 57 kinds, an American fly's alone in a sky without the US and then a 10 ton meteorite over Russia explodes causing damage and hurting people.

Serious doings to be sure, and all can be viewed from the tower on the grassy knoll as some how being, well, being related, or not.

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So Mother Nature is mad at the Pope and the former Soviet Union. . . . .I think that Carnival cruise is now officially Purgatory and everybody going to start hoarding Heinz ketchup bottles. . . .

And remember the Twinkies ....

This is what happens when you piss off the conservatives.

I thought conservatives were continually pissed off. That is what they do.

I don't get pissed off at liberals.

I'm just waiting for the time when everything falls on it's ass, then they will ask for help.

We will be counting our money just like what happened during the depression.

The depression was like a cake walk for smart people. Don't tell anyone.

You may have mistaken the ownership of that money being counted. If Conservatives like depressions and will be counting their money if one occurs, why do they piss and moan about the President bringing one on (at least in their mind). They should be happy or maybe they are mad because he pulled the nation out of the Bush Depression. Although their wanting a depression does explain a lot of their legislative proposals. Save a $1 on contraception, spend $300,000 raising a child.

No one want's a depression. You get ready when you see one coming.

Case in point: $300 dollar gold.

It sure was not Bushes idea to give homes to poor people with no job and no money.

Bush is easy to blame though.

You do know that conservative policies caused the Great Depression don't you. Low taxes, out of control banks, out of control stock market, farm crisis, unnecessary tariffs, weak republican presidents, and too much of the money supply in the hands of the ultra rich.
I know that is not what you have been old but it is true. I didn't say they were pissed at liberals, just generally pissed at the world because they can't always do exactly what they want.

Margain buying caused the depression.

You could make 35% a year by borrowing money and playing the stock market.

The liberals are just a petty pain in the neck.

I love liberals. Everything they do, I do the opposite and make money doing it.

Well.....Bless yer heart.....

I believe I said , an out of control stock market.

It would help our economy if our leaders liked this country.

You can’t trash bankers and CEO’s and expect any help from them cleaning up our  countries financial woes.

It’s all about trust.

Look at the price of gold. The price of oil is a vote against our dollar like gold.

The dumb people blame the price of oil on Big Oil and they can’t be any farther from the truth. Exxon is leaving this country like the libs want. No jobs means a hell of a lot of dependent voters.

No wonder China is making money hand over fist even during hard times.

A question that I would love to ask a lib: Do they really like anything?




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