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Our Suzan Brink ! How I love you lady and what great honor it is to be your friend! Happy happy happy birthday baby! Thankyou for all the wonderful gifts you have shared with me over these years! (I was absolutely floored when the flowers came and poor tom...well, poor tom. I love, love,love you! Jackie

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Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! Hope you have a good one. SMOOCH!!!!

Happy Birthday, Suzan!

I thought you might like these balloons, so I am having them personally delivered to you, with giant hugs included!

And here's a cake that makes me think of you - you are a ray of sunshine for me...


Happy birthday Dodger and many many more.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DD! It Must be Summer.

Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday, Suzan! I enjoy your posts.

Happy Birthday! (Click Me)

Happy happy happy Birthday darling Dodger! Here there and everywhere, you are the one we love to love! Love (Click Me)

May you have MANY MANY more.....! Life is good....LOVE is good....!
Funny one, Jaylee.




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