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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Deaduncle is so jazzed because he's barbecuing Bonnie's missing gizzard with onions.
Stillgoing only knows because he's always skulking around any barbecue he can find. :)
I thought you were my sister?

Bonnie is a shameless hussy and is always flirting with the Postmaster General! I see her slipping him notes in that Box thingy out by the street!!!....Really

I'm Angry ... Want to feel my anger?...;)
Bonnie has been known to ululate her uvula. In public no less! But she likes it best in the shower...
Fractalac Non-linear set a new NFL record recently. He tried out the the Detroit Lions and they cut him prior to the physical.
Bonnie likes to sun herself at the Senior Nudist Camp to give the Old Geasors a BIG THRILL!
Red One and Fract have been known to fight over Stillgoing's telescope, the one with mega-powerful lens that allows them to see the myriad of freckles on Bonnie's booty.

Why just an hour ago, Stillgoing conked Red One on the head to get back his prized telescope to watch Lily do a Sharon Stone Sliver reenactment at her small cabin on the far side of the Geezer's Way Nudist Camp. Stillgoing's still salivating salaciously at the succulent sight.

Maricel gets a cheap thrill when she knows the teenaged boys next door are watching her sunbathe.
Michel is getting in shape for a debut at the Mature Ladies Nude Beach. The girls are going to be really TURNED ON !~!~!
Red One paints his toenails and fingernails red.
BethD was cleaning one of her guns the other day and now has one less friend.
stillgoing has a pet porcupine. He borrows a quill not and then to use as a toothpick.




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