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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Fractalac non-linear started a new club called "Burning people at the Stake",
Richford Charcoal is the sponsor.
Hey, baby, got a match?
Fractalac Non-linear is paying a lot extra for someone to organize his closets but he will only let them in after midnight so he doesn't lose any of his street cred..

Stillgoing has been following FracNoLr for weeks. He fancies himself a private eye but in reality has been reading too many Nancy Drew books.
Stillgoing has a fetish to boil people in oil.
He got news from Fractalac Non-linear that Crisco will sponsor him.
Sarge thinks he is Ben Cartwright herding horses, steer shooting guns on the Ponderosa..
but he really knits sweaters for his poodles and paints their toenails pink.
I thought Frac was a girl....not true Wendy? Didn't you tell me that yesterday?
KBeenThere never takes down her Christmas lights, and the funny thing
is she is Jewish.
Thats ok the lil children in BethD's neighborhood are so askeerd of her that they give HER candy at Halloween!
I'm a little of each...and part alien.
Fractalac Non-linear is cross eyed
points and giggles at Frac!

Frac has a full length fur coat made from sweet lil bunnies!




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