TBD on Ning

Via internet stream you can listen to a variety of interesting music.

Google WQNA to find the stream. The show is called Fear and Loathing in Springfield and it airs 6 - 9PM CST on Sunday evenings.

It may uplift the downtrodden and down trod the uplifted. Some may faint, others may experience moments of rage and in some cases hilarity.

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WQNA "Fear & Loathing In Springfield" set list, August 7th, 2011.....


Happy National CLOWN WEEK, 'fraidy-cats.....


"Don't Be Afraid, The Clown's Afraid Too", Charles Mingus

"Something Bad Happened To A Clown", Warren Zevon

"Send In The Clowns" (Steven Sondheim), Stan Ridgway


"Off Ramp Man", Giant Sand

"Saved By Old Times", Deerhunter

"My My", Menomena

"Looking For Love", Alejandro Escovedo

"I Tried", Julian Schnabel


"Too Late" (Wire), Yo La Tengo

"Interstellar Overdrive" (Pink Floyd), Kylesa

"Bike" (Pink Floyd), the Hot Rats

"Lucifer Sam" (Pink Floyd), Jay Farrar

"Politician" (Cream), Chris Stamey w/ Yo La Tengo


"Born In A Haunted Barn", the Dirtbombs

"Going To Town", the Afghan Whigs

"Monk At The Disco", Bobby Bare Jr, live

"Jet Boy", the New York Dolls, live

"I Wanna Be Your Dog", Iggy Pop, live


"Taxman" (the Beatles), Fred Longberg-Holm

"Eleanor Rigby" (the Beatles), Al Kooper

"I'm Only Sleeping" (the Beatles), Phil Angotti

"Love You To" (the Beatles), Bongwater

"Here, There And Everywhere" (the Beatles), Belarus

"Yellow Submarine" (the Beatles), Sebadoh

"She Said, She Said" (the Beatles), Matthew Sweet, live

"Good Day Sunshine" (the Beatles), Ann Dyer & the No Good Time Faeries

"And Your Bird Can Sing" (the Beatles), the Punkles

"For No One" (the Beatles), Emmylou Harris

"I Want To Tell You" (the Beatles), Paul Meyers

"Got To Get You Into My Life" (the Beatles), Daniel Johnston

"TNK (Tomorrow Never Knows)" (the Beatles), Dwight Twilley


"Eternity", Marianne Faithfull

"In Our Sleep", Lautie Anderson w/ Lou Reed

"Dress", PJ Harvey

"Leave My Kitten Alone" (Little Willie John), the Detroit Cobras

"Born A Woman" (Sandy Posey), Nick Lowe


"Medicine Man" (Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs), the Fleshtones

"Breakdown" (the Bobby Fuller Four), the Swingin' Neckbreakers

"Rock & Roll, Pt II" (Gary Glitter), the Hoodoo Gurus, live

"Highway To Hell" (AC/DC), Tiny Tim & the New Duncan Imperials, live

"Born Under A Bad Sign" (Willie Dixon), the Neville Brothers w/ Buddy Guy


"Creep" (Radiohead), Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine

"Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe" (Barry White), the Afghan Whigs


"Mama, You Been On My MInd", Bob Dylan

"If You Gotta Go, Go Now" (Bob Dylan), Eric Ambel

"Mr. Tambourine Man" (Original Version), Bob Dylan




I expect you'll enjoy the Richard Cheese / Afghan Whigs one-two punch. You will, that is, if there isn't something wrong with you.
Hey, a 50% "Correct" ratio is damned good - For me, anyway.

Ohhhh, Shit...


If I feel like this tomorrow, there'll be no show tomorrow night. I have a bulging disc in my spine, and brother, is it in a bad mood. I can barely walk, and the level of hydrocodone I'm gobbling just to keep from weeping blood also has me loopier than Michelle Bachmann's history instructor. Can't focus, can't concentrate - Writing this is like translating Jivaro into Chinese, and DRIVING is out of the question. NOT the ingredients of a dependable show.


* Wait a minute. OR ARE THEY....?


In nine years, I've never done a show swacked outta my skull - But There's A First Time For Everything, as the smart people say...Hmmmmm.

I'm glad that you realize that you cannot drive on that stuff. Did they give you anything for the swelling yet? Some Ibuprophen? A quickie heating pad is just to fill a long sock up with rice and tie the end of it closed then nuke it for about a minute and a half . That helps with pain too. Since I think you're past the part where you put something cold on your boo-boo.

I'm sure that cheered Snagg up. He probably feels much better now.

Dude, Hope the back is better soon.

As an aside, I thought you were always swacked. 

My bad.

Ha, T. I'm pushing for a swacked out show. No telling what might get aired.
Sometimes the show can't go on. We want you back at 100%.
I know..............I have a bad case of athlete's tongue..........

And Snagg had finally promised me that tonight he would relent and play this as album of the week.





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