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I went sledding on Saturday for the first time in years. It was a good time, but required more preparation than I expected, not the least of which was buying new boots. All of the winter boots that I have bought in the past few years are dressy leather with heels. Not sledding boots. So for the adventure, I had to buy some good, warm, stomping around boots.

I love my new boots. They keep my feet warm, and make me feel like I am no longer a prisoner to the weather. I can go out again. Yay for new boots.

In the grand scheme of things, boots are not going to solve homelessness or climate change or the current financial crisis, but they are a little thing that has made me happy this week. What little things have made you happy recently?

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Heat in my house again
Oh man. That is no little thing. Glad you are warm again.
Kate, take off you boots and come to bed.
But it's fun out here!
I love cushy socks.
Good for you Aggie, I just took a new microwave out of the box, we bought it a year ago. lol. The old one wasn't working quite right, then it started working again for some reason, so the new one just sat in the box. I hope it works, I may have a tough time returning it a year later and without a receipt.

In Sep. '08 I rode my motorcycle to Akron to ride with friends. Temp was around 70 with sunshine, I knew there was a chance of rain. After I got with my buddies I kept an eye on the dark clouds to the north. I even called my wife to see what it looked like at home. She looked at the radar and warned me that heavy rain was coming down and getting close. I took off hoping to make the hour and a half trip in dry weather. It started pouring about a half hour from home. When I got home the temps were below 50 and I couldn't stop shivering. Kittycat suggested I just stand in a hot shower. It felt almost as good as sex.
Hi There Ags, Hi There Lar.
I completely understand both the merits of a new stove and of a hot shower. Ags, I'd love to help you learn to use that thing. Lar, you're on your own.
That sounds wonderful. My daughter has been baking bread lately, and she's getting really good, which is kind of a problem for me. It's hard to be in the house with bread baking and not want some.




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