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Did you see where some politicians in Oklahoma want to start a state militia to defend their rights against the federal government. I thought we settled all that in 1865. Do they want to secede from the U S? I think we should take all the tea Party and other  right wing crazies and put them in Oklahoma. Build a big fence around it and put Tom Coborn in Charge. export all the guns and conventional explosives to them that they request. Just don't let them have any way to get out and bring harm to the rest of the good old USA.

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Right Wing Nuts sounds to me like a part that fits on a car. Ha Ha
I think Oklahoma has to start insuring people that the insurance companies will not touch.
People that drink too much, use drugs, etc.
They say that they are laying off police and cannot afford these demands that were put forward by the feds healthcare bill. What a mess with no end in sight.
During the Clinton administration there was also unreasonable hate for the Clintons by the people on the right. This was present way before Monica came into the picture. I simply think they cannot accept the fact that some people do not agree with them or might vote for someone else. The hate that came out then lead directly to the Oklahoma City bombing. You would think they would eventually learn to tone it down a bit.
I could do without Oklahoma. Almost said Oklahomiaphobia. But since NONE of the radical RIGHT WING is homophobic, I thought that might be over the top. ;-)
the unfunded federal mandates are a smoke screen. Last time I checked, all the unfunded federal mandates were only required if you wanted federal funds to do something. If a state wanted to forgo the federal money it could opt out.
But without Oklahoma ????? Come to think of it, that would be no problem. Well, I guess we would have to move the artillery school somewhere else. Of course I'm sure the state militia would be in favor of that. (:>)
Whoever gets elected is going to get creamed.
We used to respect our commander in chief, this is no longer the case.
Wait until they grant amnesty to the illegal’s.. The sh** will really hit the fan.
We need these people to do the menial jobs.
Aren't you worried they might frag each other....oh wait
Chief Robbie, Sir,
This is a new unread bill.
I also heard that Congress is not going to be covered under the Federal Workers insurance anymore?
They will be part of the new healthcare program. It pays to read a bill before you pass them.
If you pay a doctor $20.00 for an office call, you won’t have any doctors. They can make more money pulling weeds.
This bill passed by the brains in Washington, now we can live with it.
What happened to the hippicritic oath?
Darrol I had read that before it was passed
Don't forget Oral Roberts and other Oklahoma evangelists - They'll provide the Voice of Reason, you can rest easy on THAT one...
YEah-ya, I'm sure . . . all of those folks who showed up to protest outside an event where the President was speaking - BEARING ARMS


I'm sure they were crashing the party . . .

you nitwit
Yeah, Cardan...


Because, when I read reports like this, I think "SMART! That's Thinking On Your Feet there, you ruggedly individualistic Tea Party patriots..."

Speaking of "smarts", Cardan, aren't you the swine who claimed that, since I'm a democrat, then I would vote for a child molester just because that person was a child molester? Cardan, you wouldn't know "smarts" if it walked up to you and gave you a well-deserved kick in the balls...




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