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Merry Christmas again everyone, it's minus four out this morning and the mailman walked through about three inches of snow to make sure that I got a few more Christmas cards. The other day we had a mini ice storm , and then after that the next morning there was a bunch of fairy dust covering the world around here.

Rant, too busy to go out and take photos. POOH

Rant : I had to clean out 6 litter boxes today as I was taking care of the neighbor's cats.

( I just have one cat, Mrs.pennypacker)

Rave: I am going to the liquer store and get some Coors light.

Rant, me butt hurts from sitting on the stairs to get a signal.

Rave, I got a signal.

Rant; Verizon is having trouble with the network. I'm paying for 4G and keep getting 2G. Think I should pay half as much.

Rant:  Who voted Sandra Bullock as "Americas Sweetheart"?  No one asked me...sheesh!  As far as I'm concerned, the last one I would have voted for is Shirley Temple. 

Rave:  Have 3 days off to mess around on TBD and raise some draaaaamaaa!

Rant: Today was my last day of work, and after 33 years, the mojo of that dump found one last screw to turn: I was going to drive my car down onto the underground dock and load my stuff into the trunk, so as to avoid the drizzling rain - But a FedEx driver earlier in the day hit the overhead door and busted it, so it had to remain closed, forcing me to haul my stuff outside to put in my car.

Rave: I am officially retired. As things look right now, I'm going to take a couple of months to relax and finish recuperating from my knee surgery, and then I'll most likely start working at our local deeply funky, deeply weird family-owned record store and used furniture showroom, even if only as a smart-assed musical know-it-all and feisty counter gremlin.

Or at least, that's ONE possible pathway that opened itself up this week...

Snagg, Congrats on the retirement. Trying out different part time jobs in retirement can be fun.

Work ain't bad if you don't have to do it. I retired in 97. I have since worked in retail, selling sporting goods, worked the 2000 census, worked counting traffic, was a real estate agent, a real estate appraiser, and just this last year was a workamper in two RV parks. If you don't have to have full time work and are wiling to try anything, working in retirement can be fun. Especially since if you don't like what you are doing, you can just say "take this job and shove it". 


I do pretty doggone good work at my retiremnt job.  Its no longer a career, and I can concentrate on doing the actual job.  I customarily delete all emails from Human Resources, unopened, and I leave the workplace drama to the younger ones.

I also throw a lot of good ideas into the mix, and I don't really give a rat's ass who takes the credit.

Robbie, the first time I read this, I read... "I retired at 97".    ,'-)

Oh, I expect to have some fun and seriously ruffle a few feathers if I start there. One of the "employees" is basically only in the place as a lifetime favor to the family that owns it, and his personal combination of grotesque hygiene, self-absorbed arrogance and spoiled-brat tantrums have made the place something of a local legend to connoisseurs of the weirder backwaters of both music collecting and human freak shows.

He's notorious for ignoring and/or insulting customers to the point where they slam their items down on a countertop and storm out without buying anything, and he'd gotten pretty full of himself until the first day I walked in, twenty years ago. By the time I was finished with him he'd locked himself in the basement bathroom and refused to come out until an hour after I'd left. When I come in these days the other employees all kind of gather around and watch, to see if anything entertaining flares up. A few of them are actively taking bets to see how long it takes after I start working there for him to quit and run out the door screaming.

So, Yeah, I'm kinda looking forward to it. Hell, I might just work there for free, or at least in trade for all of the music I can haul out of the joint.


Staying employed at the same company for 33 years is an amazing accomplishment Snagg. A few years back in a stretch of being unemployed I used to visit Bobs Discount Furniture store for the purpose of hanging out in their free cookies, candy, and ice cream courtyard and eating a whole lot more than a non-paying customer should. So if you need any advice on removing freeloaders from the store just ask me.

I'll just rely on the old standby that I used to chase away the stubborn drunks who wouldn't leave the bar at closing time - About five minutes of "Metal Machine Music" at 110 dB. Never failed.

Hell, that would chase away the more namby-pamby employees, too. That's okay - We can do without their kind as well.




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