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I don't understand what any one is talking about.

Beth, they kind of mumble when they have had too much Holiday cheer.

They need to go walk the DOG.


Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia! in Polish for Merry Christmas.

I've got a 1995 van that I've been driving for over 11 years. And rarely drive it anymore unless I need to haul something that won't fit in the tiny 1995 Civic. Anyway, the daughter wanted to give me a banana tree out of her back yard, so I fired it up to take to her house. But when I got in, I notice one of the tires was low, so stopped at a gas station on the way.  It's the only gas station I know of that still has free air. Anyway, I checked all 4 tires, and all needed a little air. Got to the kid's place, played with the grandson for about 15 minutes, took another 15 minutes to dig up the tree, but when I put it in the van, 1 tire was totally flat. (not the one that I noticed was low) Anyway, screwed around another 1/2 hour getting the donut tire on. Went back inside and played with the grandson for another hour. Came out and the donut looked a little low. Drove for about 100 feet, and it was totally flat. I'm thinking of calling a scrap yard in the morning and just junking the damn thing.

OK, that's my rant.

My only rave? I know a place that still has free air.

I do not know a gas station that has free air or even one that gives you enough time for your quarter or fifty cents to get to all four tires. However there is a repair shop 1/2 mile from my house that not only has free air they will put it in for you. Thank you Berry Automotive. I might also mention that I give them a lot of business and maybe that is why they are so nice to me.

Its about 20 miles from my house to the nearest free air at a gas station.  To get there, I have to pass two stations with  "pay for service" service.  I have a very small compressor at home.  It'll get the job done on a tire, but it takes a few minutes.

I've never heard of such a thing!?!

Charging for air?!?

It's all free here. Maybe that's our concession for having to pump our own gas...

We pump our own gas and they still make us pay for air.

That's just wrong!

Bah Humbug to them!

How dare you flaunt your anti-capitalist socialist liberal heresy this close to the end of the holiday shopping season.




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