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I have to ask,why do we have more people in prison than any other country? Is it because we have more criminals? Or is it because we are putting the wrong people in jail?
More criminals. Seldom do we put the wrong people in jail.
I want to smear mulLet wearin guys who are straight from the tractor pull and who hit me up on match.com. I wanna say get a freakin haircut that makes you at least appear as if you do not operate a flippin METH LAB. Oh, and stop killin deer while they breakfast on the salt lick that you bought with your Academy gift certificate that you got from your step mom last christmas. Change out of that dayumed wife beater and put a shirt on for christsakes. Shit, Target has some badassed t-shirts for $9.99. If you have a pitbull, that is actually bonus points unless you fight them and then you pretty much do not deserve to live. Amaretto? No thanks freakwad, get some nice red wine and then I will consider it. Yeah, I have an edgey haircut dillweed, but at least I do not look like JOE DIRT.
I agree DD, Brenda's taken an early lead for the day. Great rant.
Ausgezeichnet, Brenda.

I'm with you on the eating part, DD. Pies!!!
What is up with the slapping tonight...you, DD???
None for me please, I'm a wimp where pain is involved!
Quinn, I think I told you before - you are a god damn heretic.

That goes for Misanthropes, Recidivists, The Usual Suspects and Incorrigibles, as well.

Mere Malcontents and Whiners can go get their own pathetic thread. Maybe have themselves a Sissy Boy Slap Party.
Hello....(in my best George Takai ) :-)
ROFLMAO. I'm thinking phsyco bitches rarely get laid. If they try to masterbate, one hand tries to pull the other hand back.
You would be wrong...just sayin'
"just sayin'" LMAO




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