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Obviously Mel,can I call you that?, If it isn't your husband's fault then it's mine. After all he HAS THE REMOTE!
Yay, yay!!! It's all your Hubby's fault. Yay!!! MEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Mel, these are better than chocolate.
I still got nothing.
This is so unusual.
I'm worried.
Have you been watching a lot of Disney lately?
You know, when you give someone an article you wrote to proofread, it is with the expectation that it is for punctuation and grammar. I do not want my entire article REWRITTEN and told that you think it is better that way. Especially when you are the one who told me to write it in the first place, and I protested that it really was something that YOU knew more about. I am NOT freaking submitting this to the magazine now with MY name on it, because it is clearly YOUR work, even though I spent all that time working on it.

Thank you. Rant over.
I'm worried about you too Quinn. My vote for rant of the day (drum roll)

It's a tie with Melly and Calli with a slight edge going to Mel. Hard for anyone to compete with hormones.
That's right Larry. I ain't going anywhere near Mel's rant. She has it in for men. Steer clear warning!!
Here you can have it all. Anything else?

*do you think she notices I'm tippytoeing about, bowing to her every demand?*

*must be very careful*
Melly go to 1Great's. She's got munchies.
I had a few beers yesterday with my son in law the cop. I was whining about too many slaps on the wrist as punishment for all the law-breakers. He explained that they will all end up in prison eventually. I asked about violent offenders, he argued that the courts punish them more harshly. I still think the courts are to lenient. Too often I've been reading in the papers lately where habitual offenders are offered plea deals. In tonight's paper a 28 year old man was part of a killing in which his 18 year old brother died in a drug deal gone bad. The older convinced the younger and a few others to rob a young married couple buying $1500 worth of grass, both parties had guns. The 28 year old plea bargained out of another shooting death 8 years ago. BUILD MORE PRISONS AND KEEP THEM THERE.
I agree, Larry. Nice rant. We are way too lenient with criminals.




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