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and having us all baptised or tortured until we agree with his lunatic religious views.

Damn, and Kinky has been one of my heros for years.  Say it ain't so, Kinky.

Guess I'll have to burn all his books and CD's and move to Oregon. 



My !@#$$@!! hubby goes out and plays cards with a bunch of assholes. Why is it when he comes home he must make enough noise to wake me when he knows I am not able to go back to sleep?


Well, Miss RRC, you asked, so I will answer......it's simple, at least to me.....no respect.

WOW!!! Bob, you sure know how to throw gasoline on a fire.

I think I'll just be outside if anyone needs me. (:>)

I have plenty of my own gasoline Robbie.....finally got to sleep about 4 am so it is gonna be a bumpy day, Irene has nothing on me. 

No respect is right Bob, I think I yelled that around 1:30 am.

My first husband who was sooo rotten that the cops MADE me and the kids leave and go to a shelter many years ago is about two hours away from NYC and probably has no home owner's insurance , he probably figured that he didn't need any.





This should be interesting.

As a matter of fact , I think that the last time I tried to have a rational conversation with him he was a perfect beast...............As you would say Kooner. Feckim!



The kids were at his house, now I remember and my mom was in ICU so I was leaving a message on the answering machine for the kids about thier grandmother and he picked up the phone and started screaming at the top of his lungs about don't call here , blah, blah. Yes, I remember now.................

I must have stepped into the Twilight Zone......something went missing in the last few minutes......

Crap....I was trying to hi-jack it down the funny lane.....  :-/

* sorry CWO*

I kept trying to move it into the funny zone but it kept trying to join "WTP" so I zaped it.
Sigh, OK , I'll be funny now.Did I ever tell you about the time that Eppy and I bought the house and had the movers come and get all our cool junk and load it up in VT and then we had planned to sleep on our super deluxe inflatible bed for the night before driving to Maine. Small glitche in the program was that the air pump needed to be charged for 12 hours before it could be used. So I slept on the floor that night since Eppy was driving and he slept on our cat's favorite couch that we were leaving behind, the couch,not the cat. Basically we get to the town where we bought the house in Maine and we have no clue how to get to the house. Now that the air pump has been charged and the bed is still in the packed up truck so we pull into the pizza place on the main road and walk in and ask.Do you know where we live????" No of course they don't even when we give them the address, I guess we should have asked for Pizza to be delivered, then they would have known. We ask a teenager walking down the street ,nope he doesn't know either , finally a nice woman in a car says follow me ,I'll take you there and Viola!! Our reputation as the new village idiots from away is a done deal. There I thought that would cheer you up. Oh there's more, there's so much more to the story than tha-at.  Sigh again. The air mattress from hell is a double deluxe queen size escapee from a kid's party. Eppy picked it out. There is no way that the air pump can put enough air in it for us to finaly get a decent night's sleep and I spent an entire night pinned under my 213 pound husband and too tired to move or complain, how he wound up on top in the middle of the air mattress that was only half full of air so that both of us gravitated towards the center with him on top I'll never know.
Nope, you've never told us that story. Now might be a good time.




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