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This man in some ways is more dangerous than Shrub was. It is unbelievable how he seems to get away with all his bullshit. However, if you listen to one of the conservative radio talk shows as I do from time to time just to see what filth is being spewed forth, you will find out just how many really stupid, "ain't got a clue" people there are out there. It is scary!!!

Perry always reminds me of one of the most ironic, baffling examples of mindless, unconsidered "patriotism" - Read: Brainless Jingoism - That I've ever encountered.


It was a few weeks after 9/11 had happened, and I was sitting behind a battered pick-up truck at a red light. I noticed that it had two bumper stickers, one above the other, on the tailgate. The top one had this phrase superimposed over the Confederate flag, in a flowing, "cultured" script-like font: "SECESSION: It's The Right Thing To Do."


Directly below it was the United States Flag, the Stars and Stripes, with the phrase "United We Stand" in bold, block letters.


The light turned green, we pulled out of the intersection, and I went around the guy so that I pulled up even with him at the next light. I asked him, "Doesn't that kinda, y'know, seem...contradictory to you?"

He stared at me and THEN snarled "What the fuck are yew talkin' 'bout?"

I pointed out the way his bumper stickers were at odds with each other. You can't endorse secession AND unity. It makes no sense. It was like recommending Chastity and Random Sex.


He stared at me for a few seconds, and I could tell that he truly could not begin to comprehend what I was talking about. Then he yelled at me, "I OUGHTA KICK YORE ASS, FAGGOT! YOU FUCKIN' PUSSIES THINK YORE SO SMART!!! AH LOVE THIS FUCKIN' COUNTRY!!!"


I offered him the opportunity to back up his threat at the next available parking lot - I admit, calling him an "Ignorant redneck dumbfuck" as a "teaser" - just a few blocks up the road. The light changed, he floored it out of the intersection and made an abrupt, un-signaled hard right at the next light, apparently believing that I was following him with intent to sodomize him, and the big badass tough-guy patriot simply had to do the smart thing and ditch the dangerous weirdo.


Odds are, that if that idiot lived in Texas, he's be proudly voting for Rick Perry if Perry was passing legislation that required every one to report to the government who they voted for, which announced that all people of "average" intelligence would be forced to work without pay shoveling up roadkill on weekends, and that it was now mandatory to paint your children red, white and blue from head to toe - As long as Perry was waving a US flag and saying that the measures were all in the name of "Freedom".


Really - How DUMB to you have to be, these days, to be considered a "GOOD" American?

The Republicreeps are re-tooling to be the party of extremists and anti-intellectuals. If they came out tomorrow and said we need to start breeding super intelligent talking dogs to fight terrorism I wouldn't be surprised.


"Your life is an abomination my friend" seems to be their primary response to any questioning of their logic. 


I think that I am more afraid of their followers than I am of them...

The optimist in me wants to believe that people are good and people are smart and people care about their fellow man, that they are reasonable and tolerant and kind.

But the Perrys and Palins and Santorums and Bachmanns and those lunatics who follow blindly go against all that this Pollyanna wants to believe of them...

Maybe it doesn't make me afraid so much, as sad.

Obama's approval rating at the moment is lower than Bush's rating was when he left office. I knew that in the last election whoever got the democratic nomination would be the next president. I'm going to predict the same for the next election. If, and I'll say if again, the Republicans will find a good candidate to represent them, I see a Republican in the White House again.

There are those who follow blindly on the other side as well.

Neither party wants the other to appear successful.  My rant.

That is true. But, it has always been true. However in the past civics was taught in high school and the bottom line, as I remember it was "Good politics is the art of Compromise".  We now have a party that thinks that any compromise is a practice of evil beyond redemption.

So nothing is getting done. #1tool maker is preaching what evidently most republicans believe. The only solution to our political problems is to completly destroy the system and start over.  That has been tried in Somalia. doesn't seem to be working out very well. It is going to be very hard for the Republicans to find a good candidate. At present any candidate who offers up a reasonable solution to our current problems is loudly condemed as being pro big government. That doesn't seem to allow the party to find any candidate that has any realistic solution to the problems.   



Some day when enough Americans grow their balls back there will be an armed revolt which is what it will take for our system doesn't provide for a quick way to get rid of a politician who screws things up....think Bush. Then too the corporate world conrols the government anyway......"we the people" no longer have any power. Republicans are very blatantly pushing for a greater gap between the rich and the poor......"we got ours, screw you" attitude is more prevalant than ever.

I probably won't see the revolt....don't know that I really want to. It will be ugly and the years following will be nasty, but it will happen at some point. We're not that far from what's happening overseas now.

Pardon the language, but this man is telling the absolute truth....listen well.....

It's easy for the neo cons and Big Business to recommend that we tear every thing down and start over - They're the most in the position to profit from that, and to re-cast "The American Dream" in an image to suit their own greed and heartlessness.
As an educator all my working life I believe there has been a plan in place by certain elements of the political right for at least the last 30 years to destroy public education in America because an educated populace would never go along with what they wanted to do. It began with the publication of A Nation at Risk in 1983. Most of the so called facts in that report have been proven wrong but it was presented in such a way that most people took it for fact. The education "reform" movement began then. Every reform basically made things worse. We have now reached the point where almost all the schools in the country are going to be labeled as "failing school" because the standards set by No Child Left Behind are impossible to meet. One hundred percent of students will perform at or above the standards that were set by 2012, come on anybody can see through such a farce.  I could rant more but it makes me sick.




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