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This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!!

Post your rant here.

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Yea...go piddle out there!  It'd be a pee-cicle!

Ya mean something like...


Oh, my GOSH, Jaylee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(


It's sooo beautiful here this morning. I just took this pic from my front porch. 

54° right now, w/an anticipated high of 74°

stupid, assinine, narrow-minded, sheep-like, egotistical, boring, stupid [did I say that already?] morons.

In some ways, disturbing, in other ways entertaining...

wow. now THAT deserves elaborating.
I am too lazy.
I am, too. :-P

"In some ways, disturbing, in other ways entertaining... "


I agree Quinn, human behavior is a fun study.

No rant. just rave, larry is back!!!
What TeeBub said. Let's have a beer.

Summer's almost here, we gotta do this again.


LOL, those 2 guys are fun to throw down a few beers with.




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