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Don't use the word "projector" around Larry when he's like this. He becomes completely unmanageable.

And, as for my "teaching" any of you anything about long-term drug use...Yeesh, shouldn't that come under the heading of "Home Study"?
I projectile vomited once.
Because of the drugs?
It may have been the drugs. It wasn't the wrong mushrooms, I don't eat mushrooms.
.....what?...oh....yeah...ha ha.
I like mushroom flavor, I can't stand the texture. I believe that eyeballs would have that same texture.
Was there blood?
I'm glad it wasn't me.
Free breakfast at national chain today, but $2.15 for cup of coffee. What happened to quarter coffee?
What kind of person wears velcro tennies in 2 foot of snow. You would think that they would have learned somethiong by living on this earth for 82 years.
We have snow here again. A double Bleh from me.
Cold and wet here in "RAWLEEWOOD"...I'm sick of this crap!!!! Where's the sun and fun and women in skimpy clothing?!!!!?




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