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This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!!

Post your rant here.

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Cmon Wendy, say it like it is bitch.
TPAM has me totally confused.
You don't want that. She's from Jersey don't ya know? She's like a hot radiator. DO NOT OPEN!!
Fine. The things I have to do.....you are the inspiration for the character Princess Buttercup. Happy?
I would throw that cow that died Saturday, but I just pulled her with a chain to the bone pile.
You lost a cow Aggie? What do you mean that you would throw her? You have a bone pile? I'm confused again.
I was refering to WendyLynn's comment "Say it like you mean it girl! Geez.....let's hear a real rant. Some passion. Ire. Throw something at somebody. whew....I feel better for some reason." I have lost three head of cattle this year. The bone pile is where I take the dead cows for the buzzards to clean up. Circle of life thing.
Rumor has it that Kremis has been whining.
What in the name of all that is holy is his problem now?
He heard something about "bones" and "piles" and got inordinately excited.

Poor Kitty Cat. Larr's hard to talk to when he gets that way..
That is my natural, un-drugged state. What about it?
....Which, class, explains why drugs were invented.
Can you use the overhead projector to help explain to us the long term effects of hallucinogenic drugs on the brain, Teach?




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