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Is this like saying "I'm going to Disneyworld?"

Do they call it Eons because the people there have been around that long?
My husband tried Eons, seemed like a lot of their groups didn't have anyone posting, people would join for a while and leave....wait.....sounds familiar??
I have tried Eons several times off and on for over a year. It just does not have the friendly feeling tbd does. We do have a friendly feeling don't we?

You mean there's another site where I have to be all polite and cordial and other icky stuff with total strangers? Eeeww.
It is like myspace for old people, I am rh296 there.
I paid a guy $10.00 an hour and beer to watch the Cowboys lose. What you have to do to get help on the farm these days.
I hope you feel like you got your money's worth! At least The Cowboys lost!!!
Where is Quinn? I haven't been abused in a while. How long can I go on? I need my fix.
She was last seen entering an Austrian monastery singing and claiming that her name was Maria.
Oh, doe, a deer, a female deer.
Aren't the practical applications of double standards mind numbing?!!!?
So can I but, forgive me, I was trying to be "politically correct" and apparently failed...!LOL!

So let me guess...the "phrase" or word in question would be hypocritical would it not?

Luv ya! Gotta go get ready for work!





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