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If she deserves to be dissed, then dissed she will be...
My problem with her has nothing to do with her weight loss and everything to do with that "perky" thing she has going on!
I hate perky.

Remember the old Mary Tyler Moore show? Lou Grant? "I HATE spunk!!!" That's the way I feel about "Perky". Rachel Ray needs to dial back the brisk, bouncy and bushy-tailed a few thousand clicks before I come down to that studio and put a cinder block through that stupid fake kitchen window of hers.
how about on weight loss products they show a chick before and after shots in the SAME
bathing suit.
Now PUl-EEESE !! the first thing anyone does when they lose weight is go out and buy new clothes, that is the fun part. Buying smaller sized clothes, they are NOT going to buy the same old bathing suit.
It is so fake and photo shopped, or whatever they do to make the person look smaller, fitter.

VB could lose a few more pounds before she starts bragging. her hips are pretty damn big.
Yeah, perky. I like the Progressive Insurance gal.
Robertson makes me mildly embarrassed to be a human being, let alone an American. It's one thing to have personal views and beliefs as odious as his, but for a significant segment of the rest of this country to actually be proud to shut down what little brain they already possess and let that senile rat-bastard charlatan do all of their remaining thinking for them speaks very poorly of homo sapiens as a species.
Yeah, and he stinks at rugby, too.
This is a Ning rant free zone. I don't want to see it anymore. It's taken up fifty percent of the topics in the last couple of days.

I haven't seen Larry around. We need a fall guy.
Sure, I'll be your fall guy! :)
Don't move I'll go find Quinn. :-)
Quit tickling.
FB doesn't work for me either. I think it is still a site for young people no matter what they say. Us mature people need a place that is just for us.




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