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It's COLD, dammit. It was 15 degrees when I woke up this morning, and the furnace wasn't working! :-(

Why don't furnaces break down in nice weather, huh?!
Because that's when air conditioners break down. They have an "understanding" between them.

My sources within the intelligence community inform me that now would be a damn good time to make some waffles.
It better, if it knows what's good for it. That's a cold-ass garbage can out on the curb.
No waffles this morning. I had Egg-in-basket instead - with bacon on the side. Bacon always helps to make things better!

But I am STILL waiting on the furnace guy to show up. They told me they'd call before he came. So I waited.... and waited.... and waited, but no phone call. I needed to run out and get a couple of things, so I made a quick dash out at 11:20. Guess who showed up at 11:30? And they had the audacity to call WHILE HE WAS IN THE DRIVEWAY and act annoyed because I wasn't there. That does NOT count as calling ahead!

Well at least I've got the fireplace. I'm keeping it going, as I suspect furnace guy is pissed and won't show up here again until tomorrow. :-(
That's DEFINATELY a good rant Calli.
I had a service guy do the same thing.. he called from the road, not even in my driveway... he got my V/M because I was in the bathroom!! he left a message "sorry your not home call the office to reschedule" I called the office with-in 2 minutes of him leaving the message they said sorry can't come out for 2 more days. I canceld the service call.
Well, he came back yesterday afternoon, bled the air bubble out of the fuel line, and the furnace started again. We thought everything was fine.

This morning the furnace was off again and we had to push the reset button to start it. I think we're going to have to call him back out again....
The guys who put in my new heat pump last week did a really good job but I don't think they would travel out of the immediate area. But I don't guess you use heat pumps much where you come from.
I offered them a beer when they were finished but they turned me down. Something about having to go to another place and arriving drunk would not be proper. That reminds me I have to go and pay the bill today and get my paper work for a tax rebate on my new energy efficient heat pump.
We have heat pumps up north too pickle, mine has an auxiallary heat source, electric coils. The coils usually don't kick on until it's in the teens. When the coils kick on you can watch the electric meter go crazy. About 2 months out of the year the bill is over $200.00, I love it, we're all electric. No gas or oil.

Calli, we heated with oil for 20 years. Getting this heat pump was the best money I ever spent.
you go girl !!!!
Don't be dissing Valerie Bertinelli.




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