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Wow!!!! Larry, Did you ever see the picture of her wielding a lacross stick? You better make sure you don't get near Philly on your way South.
We plan on leaving one week from today. We'll avoid Philly like the plague. They closed a lot of the interstates around Philly during this last blizzard blast. I still have ties to Philly, I know those people. I don't think they'll have all the highways open until around Easter.
I get it now. I thought it was some new type of candy bar.

you guys . . . !
I slept around 9 straight hours. I woke up with what felt like the beginnings of a cold. Really pisses me off. I had more joints aching than usual. It's hard to work out with aching joints. I don't do pain well.

Where's Quinny? I know I'll get some sympathy from her, Maria too.
Don't make me go all UPPER CASE on your ass.
Larry? What about me ever made you think I had one iota of compassion in me?

O, you're being sarcastic!
Jackass! :-D

And, do you really think anyone believes your comment about working out? Seriously, how stupid do you think we are?
[If you know whats good for you, you won't answer that]
You recognize sarcasm. You're not as dumb as I thought. This is the cyber world, nobody has to believe me, I can say whatever I want. Just like when you said some young blind kid was admiring your legs.

[btw...that ^ is uppercase. This is bold---it's not rocket science!]
All caps and using last names? Not good.
Now Children!




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