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Teebubba stole my word. Ouch. I'll throw in a cringe as well.

My rant? I filled in Quinn during her absence that Rant and Rave had finally died and here you all start in again.

My other rant is our weather. Six degrees this morning with thirty mph wind gusts. If that don't wake ya up.....
Yeesh, Robbie. That looks unpleasant. Just how much do you trust "Happy" while you're asleep?
Holy crap!! I ain't got nothin' to add to that fiasco!! *wish it had been caught on video....*
Stupid is as stupid does....you aren't in that category....everything else just added to it.
Geez, Robbie. You can't go anywhere alone any more. Can you still text?
Well, Today, while approaching my friends Condo. I noticed a sign on the swiming pool fence.
"Under no circumstances are children wearing diapers allowed in the pool". This is in a condominium complex in Florida.
The first thought that came to mind was, "What about adults in diapers"?
Well you know Robbie, Florida is the senior capital of the US. Adult seniors in FL. must apply for, and get, a handicapped "swim" diaper to enter public pools.

Private pools, well, I guess what goes in the water, stays in the water.
lol. Now go to your room Tammy.
Hi Sme, Want to be my soulmate?
I promise, we would never be separated. Except after hospital visiting hours.
I hate those long lines at Dairy Queen for a blizzard.
I wonder if Dairy Queen employees are sick of wise guys that pull up in a raging blizzard and order...a Blizzard.
And then make jokes about it, like "Not THIS kind of blizzard! HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!", and then the employee has no choice but to dump the blizzard in the customers' lap.
Bad timing on blizzard talk guys.
There's our Quinny, I missed her so much. :) smiley face

Insert flowers and sweets and stuff weighted down with estrogen for Quinny here >>>>>>>>




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