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I'm with ya. Popcorn or peanuts?
If I was to even wager a guess. I would have been part of the velcro gang.
Personally I love driving my Motorhome towing my jeep on the Interstate bypasses around big cities at 60 mph. I have a sticker that says "I'm retired, go around me". I just love the guys in the little Hondas who pass me and cut right back in front of me, thinking they are doing some smart ass thing that will piss me off. They do not realize that It takes at least 200 ft to stop my motorhome. They think they piss me off, Ha! My moterhome and tow car together weigh about 26,000 pounds and I sit higher than the top of their car. If they stop in a distance of 130 ft and I stop in a distance of 200 ft, who do you think is going to walk away from that stop.
It's times like these when I miss my job. Where's Snagg, I'm not taking Quinn on alone.
Come on Larry, Quinn ain't so tough. But she can be pretty quick with a Lacross stick.
One whack across the head...Concussions-R-Us
Hey---I have family that works at the Post Office...don't go there!
Can we step outside?
I thought you weren't afraid of me Larry??? Ha!
C'mon, Larr - It's one-on-one, X vs Y tonite. I'm just wandering in from time to time as a color announcer this evening, not a combatant..
Not a combatant??? Then maybe you shouldn't make such inflammatory remarks!
Trying to weasel out of it now?
Looks like Snagg is bailing on you, Larry, even though Quinn called him out. Color announcer --- pfft. He has moments where he thinks he's Howard Cosell. You would think he was in show business or something.




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