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This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!!

Post your rant here.

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You weren't wearing that Dr. Frankenfurter costume again Larry, were you?
No Quinn I think he's serious....there seems to be a lot of aggression over at that other posting. I think its better that all this gets consolidated in one place.

I'm so glad baseball is almost gone. Too bad they can't take basketball and hockey with them to the off season. I'm too busy with football and WCQ matches.
Or do serious. Hey, I don't want to discriminate. :-)
Come on Melly, don't restrain yourself. Let us know how you really feel.
lmao!!!! Melly, that's a riot...
A soon to be good "friend" of mine?...Did I get the joke?...oops, wrong porno site :-)
Here's a hug 1Great. (((((( HUG)))))))

For a small sum I can send you a link to learn to rant like a pro.....I mean really nasty and demeaning. Make monitors melt and keyboards lock up in terror.
Will it make blood shoot out of my eyes?
In reply to 1GL's request for someone with a tender touch and a warm personality to give her a hug.

I'll send Alla right over.
I would prefer that we forge a truce... Here are my terms ...

If you guys quit telling lies about me ... I will quit telling the truth about you.
"I don't listen to no stinkin' man, Jack"

No wonder you're out of control.




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