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Thank-you Bob.  I like that.  You know the women in that culture must respect their men too.  Too bad our people aren't that wise.

Any body seen those new coke machines where you can have over 100 choices. I saw one at a Wendy's in Nashville. I would actually like one of the cokes I knew as a child. Five cents for 7 oz.

100 choices is 99 too many for me, P.A.  I just want a Coca Cola.

Give me a YooHoo and I'm good to go, but you don't get that option much anymore.

P.A.  Do they offer Moxie?

RANT:  Why do people have car alarms when they just go away and leave their car to sound off at intervals for a WHOLE HOUR?  I wished someone HAD stolen it and put us neighbors out of our misery.  What is the point?  I don't see it.

And there is always some joker on the ferry who leaves their alarm enabled for the 20 minute ride and then goes upstairs to enjoy the trip away from the sound of their own alarm.  They have to be called back by the PA system to shut it off before another passenger goes random on their vehicle.

RAVE:  The patient crew members on Washington State Ferries.  They put up with so much thoughtless crap from oblivious passengers every day.  I wouldn't be able to do their job. And some people think they get paid too much!

yes, An alarm goes off and no one goes to see what is going on? What is the sense of having them?

I got a sinus infection.

Feeling a little hollow and disillusioned.  Maybe the way the hare felt when that tortoise whooped his ass.

I think we might go on a trip, which will be nice.

RANT:  Trying to kick my obsession with documentation.  Too many years working with research.  I know I don't need a personal archive, but so many things do require keeping records.  Sorting it all down is a pain.

RAVE:  Filing systems and commercial confidential recycling services.  After all this paper is gone, I will never let it get this bad again.  So help me.

WOW! I wonder how many times I've said that I would file things as they come in?

I know how many times I have carried through with the pledge.


Subject: The Pledge

I actually made the pledge to file and fling regularly last year. It has been a struggle, but I feel proud that I can do my taxes without having to do spring cleaning first.

It's all the bins of unfiled and unflung paper that accumulated in previous years that I'm dealing with now.

I've lived in the same 3 bedroom house with full basement since 1973.  There are many tidy bins down below waiting for excavation.  I emptied another one this morning.  It feels good to now have empty storage containers to possibly donate.

Feels good to purge.

I suggest getting yourself a sturdy document shredder.




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