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Reply by Quinn 1 hour ago

That's a good start.......thanks.

who is Rick Santorum?

rant mrs.Pennypacker is getting older and sleeping more.

Rave with her eyes and loudmouth meow it is quiet.

Rick Santorum is an ex Pennsylvania Senator that is now trying to run for President.
He is a hypocrite, a racist, a mysoginist, he is a vile, evil man.

Other than that, he's OK. JK, JK, don't hit me please. BOO!! I'm ba-ack.


Rant:   Everyday I have some a$$ driving  behind me w/bright lights on!!

Rave:   Pretty much everything else..:-)

rant: I am not supposed to drive on the railroad tracks.

rave: there are no railroad tracks near here.

I think you should be required to own at least 5 cows before you are allowed to wear cowboy boots in public.

Rave;  I doubt that Rick Santorum will be attending any tbd meetings this year.

You better have 5 cows if your wearing boots in Madisonville, Texas and whole lot more cows if you stuff your jeans inside your boots.

For those here who may be thinking that Quinn's contempt for Rick Santorum could be a bit exaggerated...

From Salon:


Remember - This is a man insisting on LESS government intrusion in our lives.

He doesn't see that as government control, he just feels duty bound to control our morals, he just wants to save us from ourselves.


While a Senator, he wanted to enact legislation that prohibted any sexual acts other than missionary, because they were against God's will... This was between man and wife in the privacy of their own home.


He hates gays. He hates women. He is pro-life, but also pro-war.


He thinks all kids should be home schooled because Public schools are horrible places that teach sex education and expose children to the ills of the world--like gays and blacks and Muslims...


I don't like Romney and I think Newt is a buffon... Santorum creeps me out and makes my blood boil!

Yep - Because, the way fanatics like Santorum see it, when the founding fathers proclaimed our independence and called us "The Land Of The Free", they didn't really MEAN it.

All of that stuff about "Freedom" was only meant for those who agreed with clear-headed godly thinkers like Ricky-Boy. Everybody else was a heretic pervert, and god created this country so that he could build a prison big enough to hold all of them until the rapture arrives.

To a loon like Santorum, when the Taliban or sharia nutjobs force their dogma down people's throats, it's bad because they're of the Wrong Faith, not because they're violating people's human and civil rights. I would bet that Santorum feels that the Constitution comes in a distant second behind his bibble, and is disgusted by any scrap of the Constitution that guarantees us the right to tell him and his fellow control-freaks to piss off. He would cheerfully throw out the separation of church and state (and any other parts that annoy him) in a self-congratulatory minute, if he could - And use the government to harass the living hell out of anybody who complains about it. Because that's the way that god, who's all about "freedom" and "keeping the government at a distance", wants it.

Shit. He would probably tell himself that he's "fixing" the Constitution, and is only repairing the parts that the founding fathers got wrong.

Sweet Creeping Christ. And people wonder why I rejected religion decades ago....




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