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I'm speechless!  Just when you think you're home safe and sound. 

I'm glad the law won't be speechless but unfortunately the insurance company will have something to say.

I'm glad you're safe and that stoooopid woman wasn't in a position where she could have taken out more than what she did..

How awful, I'm glad no one was hurt and they caught her. What a jerk!

Thanks for the perspective, guys.
You're right, I just wasn't seeing that last night when my car was up on the sidewalk :-)

Sorry for the sorry state of affairs there, Miss Q. Add me to the list of those who are glad you're still in one piece.

Me too. Hope she had insurance. Hope the car was worth more than what you owed on it.

This situation is never fun.  Possibly lots of paperwork. Have I cheered you up yet?

I really am glad that you are still here. Still hope to meet you someday. Hang in there.

Robbie...the car is three months old, I bought it new...what do you think???
But, it can be repaired. Its drivable...the front and back quarter panels were damaged as well as both doors on the drivers side.

I feel for you, my friend. It will be a hassle. but it will feel so good when it's over.

*that probably didn't help at all ,did it?*

Quinn, you may well wind up getting a brand-new car out of this. These days, cars are designed to absorb and redistribute so much of the impact forces from a collision, that a car that's taken the beating that yours apparently has may well be considered irreparable, even if it is just a few months old. There are probably crumpled chassis elements and other damages that you can't see, but your insurance adjustor will know to look for.


I'm speaking from my experience with a similar accident that happened to us a while back. Teenage girl who had gotten her licence two days earlier, blew a curve and t-boned Gina's Tercel so hard it wound up in our front yard, 15 feet from the point of impact. Although it first looked as if only the door and front fender were damaged, it turned out that the chassis was bent, the front axle was skewed and the whole body/frame alignment was just out of whack. Insurance company wrote it off and gave us market value for the car.

Sorry to hear this, Quinn. 


If they total it, with your insurance and gap insurance you could be looking at another new vehicle for very little.  

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