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You must not have driven through there during rush hour.  It looks a lot bigger during rush hour. You get to spend long periods in one place looking around. Then the cars move a little and you get a whole nother perspective.

*smiling* @ Robbie. ;-)
The population's about 5 1/2 million, Aggie. It has a sprawling metropolitan area of over 8400 square miles.

@ d's and Robbie....ya'll do get around.

I counted my addresses this morning and realized I actually have had ten different addresses in only two states, which is a drop in the bucket compared to ya'll.

I'm not publishing them cause I have enough black SUV's with heavily tinted windows following me around already. The number grows when there is a Republican in the White House.

god, I am such a "homer"...


Center City Philadelphia to East Falls to Manayunk to Roxborough to Chester County back to  Center City Philadelphia [3 different places] to Montgomery County [ 4 different places]


I've visited a lot of different places though, does that count?

Not as much as me, I think.

Cumberland Furnace, TN (also the hometown of TeeBubbaDee) House #1

Clarksville, TN

Cumberland Furnace, house #2

Cumberland Furnace, house #3

Cumberland Furnace, house #4

Clarksville, TN (does college count?)

Dickson, TN, apt. #1

Nashville, TN apt. #1

Dickson, TN, apt. #2

Dickson, TN, house #1

Dickson, TN, house #2

@ Miss Q up there........

Probably not.

Just like changing planes at DFW international Airport won't make you a Texan.

Five of the worst hours of my life were spent at that airport.

What did they do....force feed you grits???

Visting a customer with the President of the company.

We finished early. I wanted to stay and do some "sight-seeing" as I hadn't been to Dallas before.

He wanted to go to the airport to see if we could an earlier flight home.

We couldn't, but he decided we might as well just stay put.

answer to Quinn's previous post.

Depends on how much "stuff" you packed around with you. Sorry about using the word "depends". forgot this is an old foggy site. 

We prefer to think of it as "Well Traveled".




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