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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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You're a smart woman Merry. lol

You'd never be able to guess that Pickle is a retired school teacher. I'm guessing he didn't teach history. lol
Pickle is low-key. But I'm sure he's got a few of us figured out by now shhhhhhhhhhhh we're not supposed to know.
More historical humor
George Washington was sitting outside his tent at Valley Forge one morning having breakfast when General Arnold rode up and asked "What's for breakfast General" to which Washington replied "Eggs Benedict"
Do you know why the Indians were here first?

Because they had reservations.

(They should have had more reservations about Columbus.)
George Washington did tell a lie about chopping down the cherry tree.
What he really said when his father asked him who did it was "Popeye did it"

I've got a mllion of them
bumping Nance off the front page
Come on, Pickle, let's dance!

I regret to say that yes I did have some platform shoes but at least they were not covered in bedazzles and such. I also had a leisure suit or two. I gave up such things in the 90's. Well maybe before then.
Pickle? In case you've never heard of a terrible battle between the Native Americans and Captain John Smith in Jamestown, VA. As you know, John Smith married Pocahontas. The battle started at the wedding reception when the Indians mistook the chicken dance as an act of aggression.
Larry < I believe the correct historial term for the dance is "THE FUNKY CHICKEN."




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