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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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I'm in the dog house now!
I'm starting a cat house ;) because there are only so many dog day afternoons we cats can bear!
Will you be accepting American Express Diana?
In the future I think we will all have the chance to be anonymous for 15 minutes.
Give me ambiguity or give me something else.
Or else what?
Page 100. Oh the Joy. Huzz-Zah. Gloriosky. Jumpin' Horny Toads. Try not to overindulge during the celebration of this landmark event, everybody.

Be still our beating hearts. (Don't take that too literally, Larry.)
If we can keep this going long enough we may match number of pages to my age!!!!
I have not seen anybody use the term Huzz-Zah in a while. It Dates from the Revolutionary War and was used as a battle cry.
We shall endeavor our utmost to earn our place within it's glorious history.

Pip Pip. Here's to Old Winifred, drink 'er down, drink 'er down. Great Flaming Juniper Berries. Drop yer linen and quit yer grinnin' ladies and germs, we gots us another 100 pages to crank out here.
All the credit for the success of this thread belongs to Kevin, the rightful creator. I only brought it back after he had left for a short time and we lost the original.
GREAT!!! I'l drink a beer to Kevin,




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