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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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I guess snowstorms are better than Earthquakes.
Speaking of too many ingredients, I saw the "Perfect Sugar Cookies" recipe video on MSNBC today. There were so many ingredients, and so many steps, that I gave up and never made it through the video. I gave up when they started talking about dividing the dough. Any recipe that calls for dividing dough is too much for my poor little pea-size brain. I have much better things to do than kneading dough, like tackling those dishes in the sink. Excitement plus in my house. Whoo, boy! I don't if I can make it through all the excitement today!
"Peace and love is here to stay now I can't wait to face the day happy happy happy all the time shock treatment I'm doin' fine"
Yes! Happy March!

It is my birthday month but not until the 23rd.
I could do like Caleb and have a month long celebration. His was call Calebpaloza
What is the worst thing that could possibly happen, (short of death itself), to somebody who never would ever have a random thought?
I've never known anyone who never had a random thought. I do, on the other hand, know people who never seem to have anything but random thoughts.
I often think of you randomly
Quinn, You want Robbie to stop talking about you, and then you turn aound and start talking about me.
(did you see TeeBubbaDee all flustered and jumping around?)




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