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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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I'M BORED. Guess that is why I am here, Lol.
do tell!
When I'm bored I do strange tabulations.
Easily amused?!!!?
When I'm bored Sme shows up and yells at me.
I am wondering if in the jungle, the mighty jungle, whether or not the lions will sleep tonight?
That's what I want. The heart of a lion.
I saw the neighbor gutting a deer that was hanging under his deck. Kind of gross.
Not just "kind of gross" very gross. Around here they do that in the woods right after the kill.
Birds are creatures who purge from on high
As they flap, and they crap in my eye.
Can't - I'll start laughing and rip my stitches.
And now I won't be able to return here and read your posts unless I stuff my fist in my mouth and stifle myself. Why can't you be a sour puss?




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