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Questions that will produce answers consisting of useless information.

There is another thread containing pretty much useless information. However, it does not contain answers to some of the questions that ran through my addled brain while sitting two months in the middle of a remote hayfield.
For example; If the state of West Virginia were rolled flat by a steam roller, would it be as big as Texas? Are there any words in the english language that start with the letters meb in that order? If a dead cat were dropped from the top of the empire state building, how high would it bounce? And, would it land on its feet?
Am I the only one searching for this type of information? If you have answers, provide them. If you have similar burning questions, ask them. I'm sure we will all come away smarter, or maybe not.

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Is there a word that starts with the letters meb? Mebee, mebee not.
Great Answer Larry, Mebee impressed.
Chicago has the highest per capta consumption of twinkies. That is also where they are made. Hostess sells 500,000,000 per year. Aren't you glad you ask?
That's odd. Does that include the suburbs?
The dead cat thing...ohh never mind. We should ask Steven Hawkings.
According to Websters there are no words beginning with meb....

I think the cat thing may depend on how old the carcass is. Too old and all it does is splat and splash. A newer carcass, I'd give it ten feet but check with Steven.
"If the state of West Virginia were rolled flat by a steam roller, would it be as big as Texas? "
With West Virginia being 24,231 sq. miles and Texas being 268,601 sq. miles...even given mountains/hills squisshed...I don't believe so. (Useless enough with the sq. mile thing? :-)
Now that I'm a resident of Texas, I guess that question takes on a new meaning. And, I'm always glad to hear from people with steam rolling experance.
SOOO...that would be a No. There you have it Robbie :-)
Thanks for postig this. For years I've wondered how many cochroaches it might take to fill the Empire State Building, if you packed them in like sardines. Would this be more or less than all the cochroaches that currently reside in the big apple? Isthis a number that can even be calculated, when you take into effect the volume reduction which would occur with the roaches being increasingly packed down. Ofcourse the height of the building (atmospheric pressure) would have to be considered....Mother Sanity
I like the way you two think. My "OCD" will have me pondering this all day.

Thanks a lot.
Asides from that--there will be people squishing all of the cock roaches as other people bring them in...so they won't stay their original sizes to begin with!




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